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Why Does Obama Always Endorse The Worst Candidates In Democratic Primaries?


When notorious drama queen #DebtTrapDebbie Wasserman Schultz set her hair on fire and went screeching to the White House that Bernie's political revolution was coming for her, Obama shut her up with a cynical endorsement of her reelection. It's no secret he wishes she would just disappear off the face of the earth already. In fact, I was on a top secret call recently (ssshhhhh...), discussing a major Beltway group's congressional endorsements, when I decided to throw the Wasserman Schultz/Canova race into the discussion. Everyone on the call-- no one more than myself-- was shocked when the White House representative backed my proposal for a Canova endorsement. They hate her; but Obama endorsed her anyway. She is, after all, his DNC chair. She's become the symbol of Democratic Party disunity but she's his symbol of Democratic Party disunity. Besides, party hacks stick together. And, no matter if you think Obama is the greatest president since FDR or the worst president since Ronald Reagan, no one can accuse him of not being a party loyalist (whether you want to think of that as a "hack" or not).

So, yes, Obama endorsed one of the most reviled and detested Democrats in the country, one even he reviles and detests. And he's been on a roll of truly terrible primary endorsements. He allowed Schumer and Reid to dictate endorsements for the weak Katie McGinty in Pennsylvania and the incredibly corrupt and incredibly Republican Florida candidate, Patrick Murphy, presumably to help him with funding for his overly costly presidential library. I mean, Murphy, who not only voted for the Keystone XL Pipeline every time it came up but who was one of the only "Democrats"-- and I use the term lightly-- to back a Republican scheme to remove Obama from the Keystone XL decision-making process!?!?! Murphy, the so-called Democrat to back the Republican witch-hunt against Hillary Clinton by voting for the Benghazi Committee? That Murphy?!?!? Oh, yes-- the Murphy who has been gung-ho on rolling back the Wall Street regulations Obama beats the GOP up over and the Murphy who came into Congress braying like an idiot that cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits had to be on the table. That Murphy.

And the latest inferior candidate to go running to Obama for a rescue endorsement is the little brother of South Jersey machine boss, George Norcross-- dirty li'l Donald, a Democrat literally financed by the Trump family!! Alex Law and candidates like him are the future of a vibrant, progressive Democratic Party. But Obama went for the gutter garbage. Thanks, Barack. In fact, his endorsement statement was a laughably ironic lie. "Donald has been there with me on critical issues before Congress in the last two years-- and has always stood up for what's right." Donald's very first vote in Congress was for the Keystone XL Pipeline-- and that was just the beginning. Norcross opposed Obama on 39 key votes in the short time he's been in Congress. He has the most Republican voting record of any New Jersey Democrat. He also opposed-- and voted against-- Obama's nuclear treaty with Iran, which Obama said at the time was a big deal. And when Obama opposed the GOP's SAFE Act to reject Obama's plans to take in a small number of Syrian refugees, Norcross voted with the Republicans and against Obama. I wonder how much brother George is getting Obama for his library fund.

I know Patrick Murphy's biggest and sleaziest fundraiser, Saudi billionaire Ibrahim Al-Rashid, has a pappy back in Riyadh, ole Nasser Al-Rashid, who gave between one and five million dollars to the Clinton presidential library. That was nice of one of the top 3 advisors to the Saudi royal family, a family that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sure dumbbell Patrick Murphy was on the House Intelligence Committee. Now why would they want their guy on the House Intelligence Committee? (And today Obama will be helping Privileged Patrick raise money in Miami and then golfing up in Murphy's congressional district tomorrow.) If you don't have $5 million to help Obama with his library, contribute what you can to help him accomplish his new goal of expanding Social Security by electing Alex Law, Alan Grayson and Tim Canova (at the thermometer):
Goal Thermometer

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At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Exit 135 said...

Obama is in Miami tonight to attend a private fundraiser for Murphy - ($). Obama will then fly the 100 miles to Murphy's actual congressional district to play golf for the weekend. This means Obama will have spent more time in Murphy's congressional district than Murphy has himself.

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Why Does Obama Always Endorse The Worst Candidates In Democratic Primaries?"

Look at who openly expresses admiration for - Ronald Wilson Reagan [ ]. At least six times Obama quotes Reagan in regards to pressing national issues:

How many times has he ever quoted FDR?

Look at how he described himself to Univision in December of 2012 when such openness couldn't hurt his election prospects: "My policies are those of a moderate 1985 Reagan Republican". [ ]

There are times I suspect that the only reason Obama is a Democrat is due to the likely blockage of any attempt to run as a Republican. He had to make heinous promises to Wall St to win selection, but who cares as long as he gets his - a VERY Republican attitude.

Between him and the Clintons, there isn't much chance of a restoration of the New Deal as long as corporatism uses everything it has to block Bernie Sanders from winning.

At 5:12 PM, Blogger Glenn Bateman said...

Why? Because corporate democrats have to stick up for each other.

Obama has been exceedingly lucky as a politician. To get to the U.S. Senate from Illinois, the repukes ran the obnoxious, out-of-stater Keyes against him. To get the democratic nomination in 2008 he was the ABC (anyone but Clinton). To get elected in 2008, he had John McCrap get cajoled into selecting the crazy former-half-term-governor of Alaska which was so bad that Obama even carried the Mississippi of The Midwest (aka Indiana). In 2012, RawMoney outed himself to the masses of sheeple as being an obnoxious, 'entitled', 1/10th of 1%er. Everywhere that Obama went, he was easily the lesser of two evils.

We have two living former (D) presidents for Obama to chose to follow as role models. We have the Carter model of humanitarian service to the world and we have the Clinton model of wealth accumulation. I seriously doubt that Obama is going to follow the Carter model.


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