Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Florida Senate Race Shouldn't Be About Little Marco vs Little Patrick


Lucky I didn't throw away any of my Marco Rubio art. Little Marco knows he can't get a good job in the real world so he's flip-flopped on his promises to move away from the taxpayers' trough get out of politics. Did anyone ever seriously think he wouldn't run again after Trump drove him out of the presidential primary with his tale between his legs? Little Marco...

Schumer's and Reid's (and, more importantly, Wall Street's) hand-picked candidate to go up against Rubio-- and lose-- is Patrick Murphy, who has ducked every single debate in his miserable career. That's right, the intellectually mediocre-- to be kind-- Murphy was too scared to debate Allen West and he's been too scared to debate alan Grayson in the current primary. Instead, he's blanketing the media with sewer money (from his mommy and daddy, from Wall Street, from the DSCC and from a wealthy and powerful Saudi family) ads and hoping no one notices. Rubio is a terrible debater but he would be able to gut and roast Murphy without breaking a sweat or drinking an Evian. Watching Grayson debate Rubio, on the other hand, would be an event for the entire country to focus on.

But Grayson has to get by the party bosses and their pathetic excuse for a candidate first, before he can get to Rubio. Yesterday he reminded his supporters that the party bosses are having a hard time propping Little Patrick up. When Corey Booker was sent down to Florida to save the day this week, hilarity ensued.
In a lengthy keynote speech, that Senator really had no choice but to try to say something-- anything-- good about my primary opponent. It was Mission Impossible. Here’s what he came up with:

(1) My opponent drove him from the airport to the event.

(2) My opponent has the same last name as someone already in the Senate. (They are unrelated.)

We really need to tell the DC Establishment to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

My opponent knows how to drive?? That’s it?? Are we electing a U.S. Senator, or a chauffeur? (Irony alert: my opponent is a trust fund baby, so he knows a lot about chauffeurs.)

Here are some things the bosses couldn’t say:
• “He has passed major legislation.” He hasn’t.
• “He has passed minor legislation.” He hasn’t.
• “He has organized major grassroots efforts.” He hasn’t.
• “He is an expert in a certain legislative domain.” He isn’t.
• “He has a lifelong history of helping people.” He doesn’t.
• Or even the lame “He was a success in the private sector.” He wasn’t

In fact, he has demonstrated only one major job skill: signing the back of PAC checks. Which actually gets you far in dirty, corrupt Washington, DC. In return, he hands over his voting card.

I’ve been listening to my opponent’s flacks and his “surrogates” all year now. They can’t even invent a reason why he should be a U.S. Senator. All they can say on his behalf is that he’s not me.

I would call him an empty suit, but the emperor has no clothes. No clothes at all.

But he’s exactly what the corrupt, arrogant, and malicious party bosses want. He’s obedient. He’s a callow tool. For them, that makes him perfect.

They’re forgetting one thing, though. They don’t decide who will be the Democratic nominee.

We do.

Sick and tired of the machinations and manipulations of the party politburo?
This morning Grayson's campaign manager, Mike Ceraso, responded to Rubio's announcement: "While Rep. Grayson is busy passing good, progressive legislation, he welcomes the chance to beat basically two Do Nothing Republicans in Patrick Murphy and No Show Marco this fall. But it’s shameful that Marco is trying to use the Orlando tragedy to further his 2020 presidential ambitions from a Senate seat that he’s barely sat in. Floridians will see through it. The Trump-Rubio ticket will fail." Have you ever clicked on one of the Blue America thermometers? This is the one that really could help make the U.S. Senate a far better place by keeping it free of Little Marcos and Little Patricks:
Goal Thermometer

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At 3:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"They don’t decide who will be the Democratic nominee. We do."

I sure hope that's true, but I have decreasing faith that it is.


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