Friday, May 20, 2016

Oh, Yes, PLENTY Of Fundamental Differences


Vice president Biden, a full-on corporate shill and establishment careerist since the beginning of time, was traveling in Ohio yesterday when he reassured anyone who might be reassured by something he says that he's "confident that Bernie will be supportive if Hillary wins, which the numbers indicate will happen. So I'm not worried. There's no fundamental split in the Democratic Party." No fundamental split... that will be the message you hear over and over and over from the Democratic Establishment and their media puppets, hoping to reassure themselves and everyone else that the fundamental differences between the Hillary wing and the Bernie wing are... just about personalities, rather than about the future of the Democratic Party itself. Maybe they should stop spouting and plotting and stealing the election for a long enough to read Thomas Frank's new book Listen Liberal-- What Ever Happened To The Party of the People? or to at least watch a video go him talking about the book, like the one up top.

Yesterday, Bernie supporter Robert Reich made some suggestions on his Facebook page about the path forward for the folks who sincerely believe in the political revolution Bernie bases his run on. First off, he urges everyone to "continue to work like hell for Bernie, especially given upcoming primaries in California and New Jersey on June 7. Putting aside superdelegates, the difference between him and Hillary Clinton isn’t huge. So far, Bernie has won nearly 10 million votes and has 1,499 pledged delegates. Hillary Clinton has won 13 million votes and has 1,771 pledged delegates. California could make a huge difference."

Then he urges Bernie backers to not "demonize or denigrate Hillary Clinton. If she wins the Democratic nomination, I urge you to work like hell for her. She’ll be the only person standing between Donald Trump and the presidency of the United States. Besides, as I’ve said before, she’ll be an excellent president for the system we now have, even though Bernie would be the best president for the system we need." I suspect most Bernie supporters will follow that advice. But not all. Some are very serious about the political revolution and supporting the lesser evil of the two isn't going to do anything to move it along. In fact, if the Democratic establishment thinks they can get away with it, we'll get nothing but candidates like Hillary forever.

He then urges everyone to "Never, ever give up fighting against the increasing concentration of wealth and power at the top, which is undermining our democracy and distorting our economy. That means, if Hillary Clinton is elected, I urge you to turn Bernie’s campaign into a movement-- even a third party-- to influence elections at the state level in 2018 and the presidency in 2020. No movement to change the allocation of power succeeds easily or quickly. We are in this for the long haul." He means well.

But fighting the establishment and the rigged system, means fighting the establishment and the rigged system, not acquiescing to it. The Clinton machine is it-- that which we're being told to acquiesce to. Trump is infinitely worse than she is... everyone knows that. What matters next is what you do with that knowledge. Are you ready for imbecile-liberals to call you Ralph Nader? If not, just don't engage them in conversation-- you know who they are-- and just do what you know is right to break the cycle.

Meanwhile... there's a Congress to be won. There are almost no incumbents fit to be returned. Even if they started out good, the system is so overpoweringly corrupt that it takes an exceptional man or woman to stick to the straight and narrow. I'd say there are a handful, at best. If you don't have the time and inclination to find out who the few good ones are, you should probably just vote against the incumbents. And if you don't have the time and inclination to research who the good challengers are... these two thermometers lead to pages that list many of them:
Goal Thermometer Goal Thermometer

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At 12:36 PM, Anonymous willf said...

"Besides, as I’ve said before, she’ll be an excellent president for the system we now have, even though Bernie would be the best president for the system we need."

So you should all vote for the person who perfectly fits into the oligarchic cesspool of broken democracy which is "the system we now have", because that's how we move to the "system we need"... somehow. Don't ask me for details. Just hope, okay? Doesn't anyone remember "hope"? Jeez you guys.

Feh. With supporters like Robert Reich on his side, who needs Debbie Wasserman Schulz? It's like reading Lieberman's statements about Gore's chances during the post-election debacle in 1999. Pretty weak.

At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, willf, I'm sure your vote for Trump will help this country greatly, right?

At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Trump is infinitely worse than she is... everyone knows that."

I don't know that. That doesn't mean I'm going to vote for Trump. I've hated Trump even longer than I've hated Hillary. But I expect an HRC presidency to very quickly get us into war and keep us there. Trump seems less likely to do that simply because it doesn't seem to interest him as much.

Clinton is a Kissingerite warhawk. That is the sphere in which her views are clear and focused and consistent. On other stuff she's a freaking weathervane. She's already said she plans to turn economic policy over to Bill. She says that's because he's so good at it. Mr. NAFTA who won't admit that repealing Glass-Steagall was pure idiocy.

Trump wants to build stuff. That stupid wall for starters. But he's also talking about a massive public works project. If he doesn't blunder us into war, and does build us some roads and bridges, he could very well be better than Clinton.

But he's a gamble. While Clinton is an unfortunate obvious bad bet.

At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're really buying even a single word Trump says? You're projecting your own preferences onto him. Very gulliblie and foolish, and directly supportive of a hater of the lowest order, racist, bigot, misogynist, and all-around monster. Do you really hate women that much? Starting with Clinton? Trump is only a gamble to some white male person voter who has less to lose from a catastrophic Trump presidency.


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