Thursday, May 12, 2016

If The Whole World Could Vote, Hillary Would Trounce Trump In The Biggest Landslide Ever Recorded

> endeavored to find out who voters-- non-American voters-- in other countries would vote for if they could vote in the U.S. election this November. They asked 18,256 people over the age of 18 from France, Japan, Canada, the U.K., Germany Australia, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil to pick between Hillary, Trump, Cruz and Bernie. Hillary, who has tremendous name-ID overseas, won everywhere but Canada. Canada gets a lot of American media so they are more aware of the intricacies of American politics and of the election cycle and, obviously, they chose Bernie.

Across all 9 countries, Hillary was the clear winner and "other" was more popular than Trump and Cruz combined. In fact, "other" was more popular than Trump and Cruz combined in every single country. Like Hillary, Trump has a lot of name-ID too, but his is overwhelmingly negative. So across all 9 countries, the score looked like this:
Hillary- 46%
Bernie- 14%
Trump- 10%
Cruz- 4%
other- 26%
Suburban Canadians were feeling the Bern and his big win among them-- 51% to Hillary's 29.4%-- rocked his national numbers there and gave him the only victory any of the other three candidates had over Hillary in any country:

Hillary's biggest margin of victory was in Japan, the country with the least access to direct American election news, where she won 63% of the vote. Trump did poorly everywhere, but, unsurprisingly, Mexico was his worst country. He only picked up 5% of the vote there, same as Cruz (whose Spanish name probably enticed some voters).

In Germany, like in America, Hillary is strongest among the elderly. Same in France, where over 68% of seniors picked her. She won in Germany with 50% of the vote, her strongest showing outside of Japan, France and Mexico. French women were half as likely than French men to opt for Trump-- 6.5% to 12.6%, similar to the British numbers (where 15.6% of men but only 8.1% of women went for Trump.



At 7:19 AM, Anonymous willf said...

If The Whole World Could Vote, Bernie Would Trounce Trump and Hillary In The Biggest Landslide Ever Recorded.


At 7:21 AM, Anonymous willf said...

Hah, that's what I get for not RTFP.

The rest of the world really gets a skewed view of the US doesn't it?


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