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The Clintons And Their Machine Define Political Dishonesty


Hillary's in a trap of her own making. As exit poll after exit poll has shown, Democratic primary voters for whom truthfulness and trustworthiness are decisive ballot motivators, are casting 'em for Bernie, not her. Her campaign is built on lies and built on the old style politics of deception that 2016 voters are disgusted with. Hillary Clinton is Rahm Emanuel. Hillary Clinton is Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Hillary Clinton is everything that high-info Democratic voters detest about their own party. And she and her advisors have a plan to make it even worse by tearing the Democratic Party apart in her new sewer strategy. And aside from that, no one likes being lied to and played for a fool.

But she can't stop any sooner than she could stop breathing. It's who she is as a political entity who lived side by side with the man who wagged his finger at the camera and said he did not have sex with that woman, implying that oral sex isn't really sex. I'm sorry to say it, but, historically, that scene and the catastrophe of NAFTA will be the defining moments of Bill Clinton's presidency. Her own pattern of lies and deception have been apparent all through this campaign against Bernie.

Gov. Peter Shumlin foolishly endorsed Hillary against Vermont's own wildly popular U.S. Senator. Vermont voters didn't care who Shumlin wanted them to vote for in the primary. On March 7 Shumlin's congenital liar of a candidate won 18,335 votes (13.6%) in that state's primary. Bernie won 115,863 votes (86.1%). Schumlin is a super-delegate for Hillary though. This week though, he couldn't just sit back and watch her lying about his state in her ugly, ruthless bid to capture the White House and trample and eviscerate anything standing in her way. Watch him on local TV station WCAX:

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Hillary Clinton is apparently getting desperate, as after seeming to exhaust all other options, she’s returning to the original line of attack against Bernie Sanders: gun control.

“She said that it’s going to be coming out in the very near future that many of the catastrophes that have taken human lives in the State of New York have been the product of guns coming over the border from Vermont,” according to New York State Sen. Tim Kennedy. “That’s the first I heard it,” he remarked.

That’s probably because it’s not even close to true.

Out of the 7,686 firearms recovered and traced in New York in 2014, only 55 were first purchased in Vermont, according to the ATF. In 2013, that number was 61 out of 8,539. As such, Vermont accounts for less than 1% of the total guns traced in either year, despite Vermont bordering New York.

Meanwhile, 395 guns were sourced to Virginia in 2014, and 423 in 2013. The New York Times wrote an in-depth report that showed the vast majority of guns used in New York City actually come from Southern states via I-95, in a system they dubbed “The Iron Pipeline.”

Nevertheless, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook repeated the bogus attack on CNN.

“I don’t think Senator Sanders is being sincere here in New York, which is facing serious problems with guns being trafficked from Vermont and other states,” he claimed.

Gov. Peter Shumlin of Vermont, an outspoken Clinton supporter and a superdelegate pledged to support her, didn’t hesitate to throw her under the bus for her callous mischaracterization of his state. “It is campaign season; therefore, things are sometimes said by all the candidates that sometimes aren’t entirely accurate,” he said. He went on to note that heroin used in Vermont is primarily brought over from other states, New York in particular.

However, this failed attack by the Clinton campaign seems to have only been a false start on what is emerging as the latest coordinated campaign against the Vermont senator.

Jeff Zeleny, senior Washington correspondent for CNN, was with the Clinton campaign as the news of Sanders’ Wisconsin came in, and he described a Clinton campaign staff that was “running out of patience.”

“They’re going to be deploying a new strategy. It’s going to be called ‘disqualify him,’ ‘defeat him,’ and they can unify the party later,” he explained. “Now they’re going to go headlong into him, I’m told, beginning here in the New York primary on his gun record, among other things.”

Sure enough, the dust had not even settled on Wisconsin’s results before the new line of attack was being megaphoned by media outlets, with the New York Daily News featuring Sanders on tomorrow’s front page, attacking his record on gun control.

Bernie Sanders received a “D-” rating from the NRA based on his voting record.
And Hillary's own record on guns? Opportunistic and all over the map depending on who the audience was she was trying to impress. She's been pro-gun when that was politically expedient and anti-gun when that's been politically expedient. She's inauthentic and has no political values. Her defining statement about herself-- as she was turning 50 and talking to a radio audience on NPR is "I feel like my political beliefs are rooted in the conservatism that I was raised with... I'm very proud that I was a Goldwater Girl." Obviously. Unfortunately for Clinton, character matters to New York voters, as she's about to find out.
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At 7:25 AM, Blogger KnaveRupe said...

In the hit Broadway show Hamilton, there is a line regarding the election of 1800, in which Alexander Hamilton endorses his longtime political mortal enemy Thomas Jefferson, tilting the election towards him and away from his longtime frenemy, Aaron Burr:

"I have never agreed with Jefferson once,
We have fought on like seventy-five diff’rent fronts
But when all is said and all is done,
Jefferson HAS beliefs, Burr has none."


At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said... [excerpted]
Clinton Campaign Starts 5-Point Attack on Obama
FEB. 26, 2008

"After struggling for months to dent Senator Barack Obama’s candidacy, the campaign of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is now unleashing what one Clinton aide called a “kitchen sink” fusillade against Mr. Obama, pursuing five lines of attack since Saturday in hopes of stopping his political momentum."

Just a couple of paragraphs below this, a comment which shows just how much Obama lied to the voters as well:

"After denouncing Mr. Obama over the weekend for an anti-Clinton flier about the Nafta trade treaty, and then sarcastically portraying his message of hope Sunday as naïve, Mrs. Clinton delivered a blistering speech on Monday that compared Mr. Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience to that of the candidate George W. Bush." [Bold my ephasis]

Who would think that after blasting Hillary over NAFTA, Obama would now be pushing hard to get TPP through the Congress? This alone was a stronger attack on Hillary than anything Bernie has issued to date.

But Hillary has a thing for naiveté, using it against Obama in 2008 and Bernie in 2016, probably as a mask for her own ineptitude. Any and all charges levelled against her lack of qualifications are only declared lies by Hillary-bots who refuse to see the truth in their quest to ensure that "It's Her Turn!"


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