Sunday, February 21, 2016

That Good Ole Fashioned Republican "Religion"


Rubio and Cruz have competed for the title of "most homophobic" in the Republican primary season. Rubio has a problem-- not just because of the high heeled booties, but because he was arrested when he was 19 in a closed Coconut Grove park that was frequently (exclusively) by elderly gay johns looking for gay-for-pay teenage men-- and Cruiz is winning this one. (Rubio isn't ceding the bigotry field though and his crackpot faith advisor says Rubio is as anti-gay as Cruz is.) There's a lot at stake. And it's not just the primitive hate-filled homophobes who make up a significant part of the Republican Party base. There are more than a few deranged pastors with significant influence.

The Wilks family of tiny Cisco in central Texas (population- 3,777, 90% white) have given Ted Cruz's campaign around $60,000 and the family gave one of his SuperPACs, Keep the Promise III a cool $15 million. People chalk it up to fracking. That's who the WIlks brothers are-- a family of pig ranchers who turned bricklayers and then struck it rich in hydraulic fracking. But, that isn't thew hole story. Family patriarch Farris Wilks is the pastor of the church founded by their parent Voy and Myrtle, the Assembly of Yahweh Seventh Day Church on the outskirts of Cisco. The church is unrelated to the message of Jesus-- refuse to celebrate Christmas or Easter-- and almost exclusively teaches Farris' bizarre, life-long obsession: homophobia. His church is Anti-Gay Central for rural backward central Texas. The Jesus-denying church's object of worship is Kim Davis (the Kentucky clerk) and fighting marriage equality is their mission. The Wilks were assured by Cruz that he is the man to turn back LGBT progressive most effectively. That's why they've been funding his campaign. And the robo-call (recording above) that he used last week in South Carolina was attributable to the dictates of the satanic Wilks church, which is really not a Christian church in any way, but a sick form of a perversion of Old Testament Judaism that never existed. (The robo call itself was funded by 2 far right sociopaths, Missouri builder Stan Herzog and Dallas investor Chris Ekstrom, through Cruz's Courageous Conservatives SuperPAC.) Interestingly the Wilks are as anti-pigmeat now as they are anti-gay. They also eschew lobster, shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, crayfish, octopus, winkles, squid, oysters, whelk and alcohol.

Farris: "If we all took on this lifestyle, all humanity would perish in one generation... [T]his lifestyle is a predatorial lifestyle, in that they need your children and straight people having kids to fulfill their sexual habits. They can’t do it by their self. They want your children… But we’re in a war for our children. They want your children. So what will you teach your children? A strong family is the last defense." They begin their hate-spewing religious services by blowing on a shofar (a bugle-like Jewish ram's horn).

Most of the other anti-gay activists who seek to cloak their bigotry and psychosis in religion have flocked to Cruz's camp-- Jason and David Benham, Mike Bickle, David Lane, Kevin Swanson, Bob Vander Plaats, Philip "Flip" Benham, to name a few. Many of these people have been inciting their simple-minded and naive followers to murder, preaching that they should kill gay people and register to vote so they can support Ted Cruz.

In Ted Cruz-world marriage equality isn't about two people forming a loving bond. According to his SuperPAC's robo-call, "It’s not about tolerance anymore; it's about mandatory celebration. It’s about forcing people to bake cakes and photograph gay weddings. Forcing clergy to officiate. It’s about transgender bathrooms in your child’s school. It’s about tearing down our Judeo-Christian values. It’s about tearing down our America." Oh, and Jeb was relieved to be able to drop out last night. "The people of Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina," he announced, "have spoken and I really respect their decision, so tonight I am suspending my campaign." Whew! And... it looks like Herr Trumpf won all 50 South Carolina delegates. But who would Herr name UN Ambassador? Huh? At least we know who Cruz's UN Ambassador would be!

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