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More Patrick Murphy Corruption-- And A Grayson Endorsement From Robert Kennedy, Jr.


Murphy is the perfect Chuck Schumer recruit-- a slimy Schumercrat as corrupt as they come. Yesterday we looked at how he's been selling his vote for campaign cash in regard to EB-5 visas, something I thought only real low-life Republicans did. Oh... that's right; Murphy is a lifelong low-life Republican and just switched his party registration to get into Congress (where he votes with the GOP anyway).

An investigator who's been looking into Murphy's corruption got in touch with me after we exposed his relationship with Nicholas Mastroianni. "You missed something," he said. "Take a look at what he's been up to with a crook in Boulder named Michael Smith, CEO of Freeport LNG Development, which operates a liquefied natural gas facility in Freeport, Texas." In 2014 Freeport LNG Development donated to only 2 members of Congress, Murphy and far right Texas Republican Randy Weber. This cycle Smith maxed out to Murphy already ($5,400). And gave $100,000 to his superPAC.

Here's why: On June 25, 2014 Freeport LNG Development wanted passage of a Republican bill to expedit approval of natural gas export. Two mainstream conservatives who refuse to participate in Pay-to-Play schemes, Chris Gibson (R-NY) and Walter Jones (R-NC), voted against it but 200 all the rest of the Republicans voted for it. 148 Democrats voted NO, but Murphy and a pack of corrupt Democrats, primarily Blue Dogs and New Dems, voted with the GOP-- all the regular slime-buckets like Gene Green (TX), Henry Cuellar (TX), Collin Peterson (MN), Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), Steve Israel (NY), Ami Bera (CA), John Delaney (MD), Joe Garcia (FL), Filemon Vela (TX), Denny Heck (WA), Kurt Schrader (OR), Ben Ray Luján (NM), Scott Peters (CA), Jim Cooper (TN), Sean Patrick Maloney (NY), Dan Lipinski (IL), Jim Costa (CA)-- and all the rightist Democrats who were defeated that year and are no longer in Congress.

The League of Conservation Voters scored the bill as a dirty energy because it removed the Department of Energy from the approval process for liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports to most of the world. "Expanded LNG exports," they wrote at the time, "would lead to increased fracking, which is not properly regulated, pollutes our air and our water, and is connected to a number of health problems for people living nearby fracking operations. By automatically granting DOE approval for LNG exports to all 159 countries that are members of the World Trade Organization, rather than just the 20 countries with whom the U.S. has a Free Trade Agreement, H.R. 6 would eliminate the agency’s ability to consider the full range of impacts these exports could have on public health and the environment." The Democrats who crossed the aisle to vote with the GOP on this were paid off, but few as handsomely as Murphy who got the big campaign contributions PLUS the $100,000 for his SuperPAC. Michael Smith and Freeport LNG Development very much want Murphy in the U.S. Senate and, like the worst of the Wall Street banksters, are willing to put up the money to help him defeat Alan Grayson. If you'd like to say NO to the banksters, the frackers, the polluters, the crooks and Patrick Murphy... there's this page

In Murphy's world only rich criminal types get visas

On a more positive note, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, a national environmental champion, looked at Murphy's and Grayson's voting records and quickly endorsed Grayson for the Senate seat. Kennedy: "When Republicans in Congress tried to intimidate President Obama and Congressman Grayson into backing the Keystone Pipeline, Rep. Grayson never buckled, never blinked. He’s always stood strong in the fight to adopt smart, clean energy and protect the environmental resources which are so vital to Floridians and that state’s economy. I’ve always admired Alan’s courage... No one else in this race cast the tough votes, or made the strong case against Keystone that he did. Alan is the lone, true environmental defender in this Senate race. It’s a comfort to know Democrats like Alan Grayson still exist in Washington. He’s one of those who will not compromise in what they believe and fight for. We need Alan in the Senate." What an anomaly-- someone Patrick Murphy's daddy hasn't been able to buy off! This is the BlueAmerica ActBlue Senate page... no Schumercrats anywhere near it.

UPDATE: Murphy Slips... Forgets Schumer Told Him To Stop Voting With The GOP 'Til After November

It's par for the course when conservative Democrats get primary challenges, they alter their voting patterns so they case pass for actual Democrats. Murphy's a good example. Before announced he was running for Congress, he was the 4th worst Democrat in the House in terms of voting against progressive initiatives. His lifetime ProgressivePunch crucial vote score is finally over 50%-- 51.70% to be precise, the 12th worst Democrat in the House (still an "F," of course). That number is significantly higher than it was last year, because this session his crucial vote score is 62.11, still atrocious for a Democrat, but only the 19th worst. He seems to watch very closely how Alan Grayson votes and then just does that. Today, however, was different.

Republican Randy Hultgren's H.R.1675 came up for a vote and passed 265-159, Murphy, along with the rest of the Wall Street-owned New Dems and Blue Dogs voted with the GOP and against the Democrats. Obviously, Grayson voted against it since it was written to weaken financial regulations and make it easier to fool investors. The bill would weaken disclosure requirements for companies that offer stock options to employees, and curb oversight and liability on promotional materials that companies use to market certain products that investors rely on. Yesterday President Obama's budget office warned that Hultgren's legislation would "pose risks to investors [and] allow financial institutions to avoid appropriate oversight." Obama said he would veto it but it's something Wall Street demanded so Murphy voted with the Republicans and his Wall Street paymasters, who are financing his Senate campaign.

Among the sleazy and corrupt Democrats who crossed the aisle with Murphy to vote with the GOP on this today were many of the usual suspects: Blue Dogs Kurt Schrader (OR), Collin Peterson (MN), Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), Henry Cuellar (TX), Jim Costa (CA), Gwen Graham (FL), Brad Ashford ((NE), Jim Cooper (TN) and New Dems Kathleen Rice (NY), Filemon Vela (TX), Scott Peters (CA), Ron Kind (WI), John Delaney (MD), Jim Himes (CT), and John Carney (DE).

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