Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Hillary's Desperate And Divisive Campaign Continues To Destroy Democratic Party Unity


Gloria Steinem Can Afford A Hillary Presidency!

-by Dorothy Reik,
President, Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains

And so can Madeleine Albright! Both attacked women who support Bernie Sanders. Gloria did it Friday evening on Real Time With Bill Maher, where even sexist Playboy Mansion devotee Maher was shocked. Looking like a zombie relic from the Haight with her smoky eyes and gaucho belt, 81 year old Gloria laid into young women who support Bernie, accusing them of "going where the boys are!" Results in New Hampshire tonight indicate that all the vile negativity backfired. The race was called for Bernie a minute after the polls closed at 8pm. A projection based on model precincts showed Bernie getting 62% and Hillary just getting 36.5%, a disaster for the Clinton Machine. He took an astounding 85% of millennials, 72% of independents voting in the Democratic primary, won among self-described liberals and among Democratic gun-owners and... among women, not just young women, all women! A landslide is a landslide and New Hampshire voters sent a very strong message today, a positive, appreciative one to Bernie and to Hillary and her surrogates: "Stop the ugliness!"

In Gloria's life we have an example of doing well by doing, mostly, good. Being a feminist has made her very, very "comfortable," if not very, very rich. She is happily hunkered down in an East Side Manhattan brownstone duplex apartment which she bought years ago and which is now worth millions. She's a prolific writer-- ten or so books and many, many articles. Her new book details her worldly travels-- much like a rock star! So she can afford a Hillary presidency-- incremental change, no free college, no univeral health care. After all, she has Medicare!

Three decades ago Gloria was channeling Truman Capote at her 50th birthday party. From the NY Times Home & Garden section, AKA- the Society page:
Gloria Steinem, who once fibbed about birthdays, celebrated a big one last night in the most public way possible-- with 750 well-wishers in the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria, with Bette Midler camping on stage and Phil Donahue trailing a microphone and working the tables below, with Kit McClure and her all-woman band playing Steinem favorites like Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, and with Bella Abzug and a chorus of feminists singing:
Glow little Gloria Glisten, glisten
You know how to Make 'em listen
So much for songs. The only thing to say to Gloria Steinem at her 50th birthday party was "You don't look 50." And no one could resist saying it because no one could forget her widely quoted quip at a birthday party 10 years ago. To a reporter who remarked, "You don't look 40," she replied, "This is what 40 looks like. We've been lying for so long, who would know?"

All those damned Bernie Bros & women going to hell

It was agreed that 50 looked even better, as the birthday person arrived at the Waldorf, not in blue jeans but in blue silk, her arm circled in a serpent-shaped rhinestone bracelet, her bare shoulders dusted with glitter. She looked, as someone put it, "younger, thinner and blonder than ever."

...Although Miss Steinem's real birthday was on March 25, her friends gave her two more months at 49 while they wrestled with the details of the celebration. These included a dinner of veal, asparagus and chocolate cake, pink and white peonies, 1,000 balloons and a silver-covered souvenir book, Gloria at 50, for each guest.

The book was filled with photographs from Miss Steinem's personal scrapbook and was designed by Milton Glaser, a buddy from her days as an editor and political columnist for New York magazine, which was born in her living room. The photo that got the most attention was the recent one of Miss Steinem in a bubble bath, which appeared in People magazine and which she now admits was "not the smartest thing I ever did."

For the book someone wrote this caption: "Gloria in the tub. So, this is what 50 looks like."

But Madeleine Albright, a former member of the Board of Directors of the New York Stock Exchange, a partner with George Soros and Baron Jacob Rothschild IV in an African venture and the owner of a personal jewelry collection that exhibitied at the Museum of Art and Design, makes Gloria look like a pauper! Wikipedia reports:
In 2001, Albright was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The same year, she founded the Albright Group, an international strategy consulting firm based in Washington, D.C.It has Coca-Cola, Merck, Dubai Ports World, and Marsh & McLennan Companies among its clients, who benefit from the access that Albright has through her global contacts. Affiliated with the firm is Albright Capital Management, which was founded in 2005 to engage in private fund management related to emerging markets.
2008: It's how she works-- it's why progressives will never vote for her

Madame Secretary consigned women who support Bernie Sander to "a special place in hell."

There's a special place in hell for Jews, even those whose parents masqueraded as Catholics in the years leading up to WWII, who represent anything connected with Dubai, let alone, any who, like the Clintons, use connections to make millions. Yes-- that's right-- it's not clear exactly when Albright found out about her Jewish roots but find out she did.

So while Gloria "only" ridicules young women who support Bernie because he supports them, Madeleine consigns those of us women who support Bernie to HELL. Hillary called the remark "light-hearted" on Meet the Press. You can contribute to Bernie and the progressive (Hell-bound) candidates who support him-- like Zephyr Teachout (D-NY), Pramila Jayapal (WA), Wendy Reed (CA), Lucy Flores (NV), Diana Hird (NY) and Angela Marx (WA).
Goal Thermometer

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At 8:08 PM, Anonymous wjbill said...

I guess whether your a democrat or republican the playbook always has some fear and hatred to spread around. Albright sure knows about what the playbook says and how she would benefit (or not) from a changing of the guard. Strong messages such as these from the Clintons make me more likely to avoid them.

At 8:12 PM, Blogger Eric Jacobson said...

Well said Dorothy. I tweeted along the same lines earlier today: https://twitter.com/ECJLA/status/697178684935921664

At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Ellen Lubic said...

Thanks for posting/writing this, Dorothy and Howie. Steinem is a relic from the past and true intellectual women of her time, such as I, never had much respect for her self promotion starting as a Playboy Bunny, while we were working our way through law school, medical school, business school, and strutting our brains, not our asses.

As for Albright, she did blast through in politics, but has always been acerbic and overbearing. Her remark about "a special place in hell for woman who support Bernie instead of voting for a woman," again such as Dorothy and I, shows her real disrespect for highly educated and free thinking women who are not led by sound bites. We, who have followed the Clintons through all their shenanigans and terrible decisions such as Welfare to Work, NAFTA, killing Glass-Steagall, and support of the banksters and Wall Streeters like Eli Broad (and also Monsanto), and their gobbling cash from their Middle Eastern despot donors, feel disgust not respect. I will vote for a Third Party candidate before ever voting for Billary.


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