Thursday, January 28, 2016

Who's A Bigger Clown, Christie Or Rubio? Does It Matter?


Chris Christie continues to sink under the waves... in the one state he's trying to win, New Hampshire. This week's Emerson poll of likely Republican primary voters in that state shows him struggling in 6th place with just 5%, behind Jeb, Kasich, and Rubio, the other establishment candidates. His meaningless Union-Herald endorsement was followed by one from the right-wing Boston Herald, an endorsement that has had no impact whatsoever, unless you want to blame it for driving Christie's polling numbers down. Today's PPP results were even more dismal for the pig-faced governor in pig-loving Iowa. Chis favorability rating in the last poll of Iowa Republicans was 45/33 but has now seen a 27 point net drop back to negative territory at -15. 36% of Republicans give him a thumbs up and 51% a thumbs down, the worst thumbs down of any candidate. Only 2% of voters say they'd caucus for him Monday.

Darkblack looks at the New Jersey Bounce

And yet... el patán de grasa de New Jersey continues throwing all his energy-- plus his donors' money-- into attacks against Rubio, always calling attendtion to Rubio's lack of executive experience, pointing out that he's "immature," and this week calling him "a 44-year-old first-term senator who’s never accomplished anything... The only thing that he’s ever done in the United States Senate is write an amnesty bill with Chuck Schumer. And then as soon as the heat got high, he ran away and hid and now claims he had nothing to do with it."

Rubio struck back with ease:
Joe Pounder, a spokesman for the Rubio campaign, said in response to Mr. Christie’s radio interview that the governor "must be frustrated that conservatives aren’t rallying around his record of supporting abortion rights, Planned Parenthood, gun control, Common Core, and Obama Supreme Court picks."
The Jackie Gleason of the presidential campaign was caught lying about San Bernardino at the Trumpless debate tonight. PolitiFact: "Christie said that neighbors of the San Bernardino shooters knew that they were talking about attacking the country. The most that was reported is that a neighbor of a neighbor of one of the shooter’s mother said there was suspicious activity. There was no mention that a neighbor of the shooters themselves was suspicious, much less that a neighbor thought an attack was being planned. Christie jumbled the details in the news. We rate this statement False."

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