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Are ALL Trumpf's Fans Life Losers? Is There Even ONE Who Isn't?


Quite the headline from News AOL: "GOP quietly plans to defeat Trump in brutal fashion." You think maybe his already deranged, nutty and incredibly uninformed fans will feel even more aggrieved? Check out the Trumpf freak in the video above, Rochester, New Hampshire state Rep Susan DeLemus, a teabagger, crackpot birther and die-hard Trumpist who runs on pure, unadulterated vitriol. Also a Romney hater. Republican-turned-Independent Charles Barkley agreed about what calibre of people Herr Trumpf is appealing to and attracting to his bigoted campaign. Yesterday, he described Trumpf supporters and their affinity to Trumpf's message for TNT viewers: "you’ve got these losers who love that because they’re afraid to look in the mirror and say why their lives suck. They have to blame other people. Your life sucks for a reason-- because of you, not because of Hispanics."

This is the level of life's losers and garbage who back Trumpf and would lamely, ignorantly lead the U.S. right into the kind of a fascistic regime he has laid out over the last couple of months. By the way, you may wonder who would marry a harridan like Susan DeLemus, but that's easy. Hubby is Jerry DeLemus, one of the gunmen/insurrectionists at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada last year, is an aggressive Islamophobe and last year first backed Bachmann and then Santorum. He also ran for Sheriff of Strafford County last year, although he lost in a landslide, 20,436 to 12,443, to Democrat David Dubois. His campaign platform was all about Islamophobia and immigrants, very Trumpist.

These people are not going to take kindly to the Republican establishment-- the Karl Roves, the Miss McConnells, Reince Preibuses, the Whit Ayres and the Ward Bakers-- stealing the nomination from Trumpf. Trumpists with brutish, impoverished lives like Susan and Jerry DeLemus are armed, crazy and have nothing whatsoever to live for. They are just like the ISIS recruits for suicide bombing mission. They are over-armed; they are insane and supremely self-righteous; they are hopeless and they are increasingly aggrieved. And the Republican Party has earned whatever these psychopaths decide to mete out for them.

Yesterday Rand Paul told Boston's WRKO radio audience that "If the establishment tries to block an outsider from winning the nomination, there’ll be war within the party, and they’ll destroy the party." But the establishment isn't going to let Trumpf roll over them and take over "their" party. Remember, the same way the corrupt DC Dems have a Super-Delegate system to make sure their miserable candidate "wins" a brokered convention, the GOP has an arcane system to give at-large delegates and "bonus delegates" to each state, a way to fix the election against an outsider like Trumpf. Even if he wins all the winner-take-all primaries-- likely-- the party bosses can still prevent him from winning a majority of delegates, something that could easily result in bloodshed and armed rebellion inside the at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. Guns are allowed at the GOP Convention, right? Who could the Republican Establishment possibly turn to to save the party? Certainly not Jeb, Rubio, Cruz, Fiorina, Christie, or any of the other Deep Bench failures who have all been thoroughly rejected by the base? Romney? That would be a desperate move, though there are some within the establishment pushing that idea. More likely though, the brokers are looking towards Paul Ryan, who seems vaguely acceptable to all factions-- though how he's going to persuade hardcore crackpots like the DeLemuses is another thing. Good luck with that.

Olivia Nuzzi, a Daily Beast reporter, has been talking with people like the DeLemuses, Trumpf donors, people who send the avaricious billionaire money for his campaign. The picture she paints is pretty fucking ugly. These are people obsessed with conspiracies, false flag operations and a sense of being losers. "They aren’t all crazy or hateful or prone to shouting, necessarily," she wrote "but they are fed up and they are politically incorrect. They feel as if the world and the country is changing too rapidly for us to understand it, and they resent being told that their questions are impolite or emblematic of a deeper intolerance. They see in Trump someone who would protect their interests the way he has protected his own, someone who would make a 'yuge,' great deal for their benefit, perhaps. Like, really, really great. Big league."
And so I met the 9/11 truther, the man who believes Trump has great intellect and his bold pronouncements are just showbiz, the concerned gentleman who said I could be murdered tomorrow in a supermarket, the hot tub salesman whose mind-controlled girlfriend was killed by the Illuminati, and the father of the donor who didn’t want to talk, who asked me to recite the Lord’s prayer to prove I’m not a Muslim.

Being of the belief that Muslims weren’t responsible for the 9/11 attacks didn’t mean Greeson wasn’t wary of them, or that he didn’t support Trump’s plan to ban them from entering the country.

He was concerned, he said, that Muslims might prioritize abiding by Sharia over the U.S. Constitution. And he was baffled, frankly, by certain aspects of the religion, like “that you have religious jihad and you’re met by 27 virgins in heaven.”

...He said he’d live next-door to anyone, that supporting Trump’s ban wasn’t about intolerance.

“I’d like to have a way to find out more information about my neighbors,” he said. “Can’t we just slow down a bit?”

Muslims hate America, Trump had said in his press release, and they overwhelmingly want the option to be governed by Sharia, rather than the Constitution, while living in America. Because of this, Trump said, “Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses,” no more Muslims could enter.

It was just common sense.

It’s never been a secret that Trump is a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe, an attention whore, and a bad speller.

Each time Trump says something that would be the end of any other politician’s career-- beginning with his June 16 announcement, when he said immigrants from Mexico are “rapists” and “criminals”-- he is only made stronger. It’s part of his appeal. Still, that doesn’t stop political observers, professional and recreational alike, from wondering if each new, horrible thing he says will be the new, horrible thing to sink his candidacy once and for all. That’s how this has always worked, after all.

...But to say Trump and his supporters are cut from the same cloth would be to miss a more important point. Trump is not paranoid and he is not scared, he is merely stoking the paranoia and fear in others to his own benefit. He is exploiting the paranoia and the fear of the people who send him their money, or attend his rallies, or defend him on Twitter. They are not elites. They don’t have big buildings or golf courses or book contracts or TV deals to lose. And they can inspire sympathy, even when they sound just like Trump, which they often do.

...John Captain, of Portland Tub and Tan, home of “Portland’s premier hot tubbing and tanning specialists with exclusive outdoor hot tubs year round,” was glad that I called because he wanted to talk about his girlfriend, who he believes was a monarch mind control slave who was murdered by her family, part of the Illuminati and the New World Order.

Captain talks a mile a minute in run-on sentences that jump from one topic to another—an effect of his ADHD, he said. He explained, in record time, that he had been on Trump’s website, trying to contact him to ask for help in his fight against the Illuminati, when he decided to send him $1,000. (He donated in the past to Ross Perot.)

He had recordings to prove that his girlfriend was a robot, he said. He’d been sent tapes of her sessions with a therapist who told her to, “follow the yellow brick road,” but said he would let me ask about Trump before he explained all of that.

Captain liked Trump, he said, “because our government’s out of control in terms of spending and unaccountability and I have no belief in the government that’s currently in power.” Being a small business owner, Captain said, has made him wary of “anybody who gets a check from the government: federal, city, county, state, people who collect leaves. Anything they do is wrong.”

Captain thinks, he said, “on my own,” but he said he agreed with Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. “What I would say is anybody that’s a concurrent threat to our country should be stopped.” Why would we let people in, he said, who are “statistically” more likely “to hate us”?

“If, consistently, we’re having an issue with Muslims that hate Americans…” he trailed off.

“A part of me hoped that Donald Trump would take over and maybe he would help look into my case,” Captain said, his pace slowing down. “I don’t know what to do, you know? I’m at a loss because not only is this over my head, the facts surrounding her murder, but America is ruined as a whole.”

...The Christianness of this reporter was also of particular interest to Frank Maxwell Jr., who I called by mistake. I had intended to contact Frank Maxwell III, a Trump donor, but I reached his father instead (it turned out the younger Maxwell wasn’t interested in talking, anyway).

“I think he’s correct on that,” the elder Maxwell said of Trump’s proposed ban. “I don’t like ’em. I wish they’d go back to the mid-East and stay there—all of ’em. I would refuse to get in a taxi cab with a Muslim driving it with a headband on.”

“They’re anti-Christian. And Jesus Christ says we need to forgive, but I’m not like that,” he said.

And then, he added, “I think we need to kill all the Muslims we can kill.”

Shortly after that he hung up, and then he called back and asked me to recite the Lord’s Prayer with him.

“Are you a Muslim?” he asked.
I don't know if they vote or not but they're just as eligible to as you are.

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At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A sad testament to the state of mental healthcare in our benighted country.

At 11:37 AM, Blogger ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Matt Taibbi:

Lots of people have remarked on the irony of this absurd caricature of a spoiled rich kid connecting so well with working-class America. But Trump does have something very much in common with everybody else. He watches TV. That's his primary experience with reality, and just like most of his voters, he doesn't realize that it's a distorted picture.

If you got all of your information from TV and movies, you'd have some pretty dumb ideas. You'd be convinced blowing stuff up works, because it always does in our movies. You'd have no empathy for the poor, because there are no poor people in American movies or TV shows – they're rarely even shown on the news, because advertisers consider them a bummer.

Politically, you'd have no ability to grasp nuance or complexity, since there is none in our mainstream political discussion. All problems, even the most complicated, are boiled down to a few minutes of TV content at most. That's how issues like the last financial collapse completely flew by Middle America. The truth, with all the intricacies of all those arcane new mortgage-based financial instruments, was much harder to grasp than a story about lazy minorities buying houses they couldn't afford, which is what Middle America still believes.

At 2:42 AM, Blogger John said...

The American 99% are increasingly justified in feeling aggrieved. The issue is how people deal with it.

Some see the problem accurately as the commandeering of government by the monied 1% to the demised of the rest of the populace. They actually believe in the idea of a nation of individuals united in collective, beneficial, common purpose. Many of these people support Sanders.

Others aren't aggrieved, don't realize that they are, or see a plausible way to "de-aggrieve."
I'd assume they care about themselves, only, to the general exclusion of serious thought about the existence of others who are less fortunate, much less choosing a presidential candidate who does give serious thought to the mass of the aggrieved. Among the non-virulent racists of these are presumably the supporter's of H. "Generalisssima" Clinton. (After our history of genocide and slavery, we must consider ourselves nothing but racists, until clearly proven otherwise.)

Another fraction of the aggrieved says of the corporate 1%, essentially, "I may not approve of what they do but I WILL defend their right to grind me into dust." The next moment they are misplacing their anger onto all the fantastical, incorrect reasons for their plight: immigrants, Muslims, LGBT, etc.

They've succumbed to years of the propaganda of the 1%'s media* machine and every four years they are provoked by the monsters of the GOP KKKlown KKKar to plunge the country into the abyss of frank and proud fascism. This cycle they have a plain-talkin' (if exceptionally manipulative) standard bearer to admire ... until their brown shirts are soaked in their own literal and figurative blood ... but they STILL will probably blame that on the usual suspects.

We have "losers" for easily identifiable, if not easily remedied, reasons. At the Sanders end of the spectrum we would at least have a prolonged discussion of the reasons. At the Trumpf/Cruz end the question is only: "by what factor do the number of "losers" increase.


* here "media" is used to include ALL the institutions whose "work product" is intended to distract the populace from any rational analysis of their, their country's and the world's real situation. (Of course, main stream audio/video broadcasters are the general disseminators of the machinations of mendacity corps: GOP think tanks, advertising industry, ~all of religion [but especially hate- Christianity], infiltrated universities, Dept of State/War/et. al., press agents, DSCC, DCCC, etc., etc., etc.)

John Puma

At 7:45 PM, Blogger just saying said...

"Some see the problem accurately as the commandeering of government by the monied 1% to the demised of the rest of the populace. They actually believe in the idea of a nation of individuals united in collective, beneficial, common purpose. Many of these people support Sanders."

And by the numbers, by far most of those people support Hillary. People like Paul Krugman who argue that Hillary's plan would be more effective in limiting risk than restoring previous regulations. I hope it becomes part of the platform. Sanders proposal to turn all post offices into banks is excellent, and I hope it becomes part of the platform.


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