Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Can Making An Issue Of Renewable Energy Work For Progressives... In Oklahoma?


Tom Guild (OK-05)

With the renewable energy sector already creating far more jobs-- and far better jobs-- than fossil fuel extraction, its difficult to understand why Republicans are so hysterically opposed to the thriving new industry. Difficult until you look at the Big Oil & Gas payroll for Congress. Last year alone, Big Oil and Gas rewarded their Republican congressional allies with $26,850,111 in legalistic bribes. (That was just one election cycle.) They also gave their Democratic allies $4,524,072. The industry's most subservient shills in the House from Oklahoma did especially well:
Markwayne Mullin (R)- $127,900
Tom Cole (R)- $113,500
Frank Lucas (R)- $95,350
Steven Russell (R)- $84,250
James Bridenstine (R)- $62,300
Big Oil isn't a source of campaign funds progressive Democrat Tom Guild is expecting anything from. A Bernie Sanders endorser, he is getting grassroots money at this Act Blue page. Guild went beyond just the obvious, though, in explaining to Oklahoma City voters how he differs from Russell's slavish devotion to Big Oil.
On numerous occasions Rep. Clyde “Steve” Russell (R-Choctaw) has emphasized his disdain for clean energies like solar and wind power, vowing to remove their "government subsidies" to block their development, yet at the same time continuing to promote such subsidies for fossil fuels. Yet solar and wind power have huge job creation potential not only in sun and wind drenched Oklahoma, but across the United States. Right now Oklahoma is experiencing an economic slowdown, blamed by the Republican legislature and governor on "low prices of oil and natural gas."

But the actual problem is lack of real job growth in other technology sectors, like wind and solar energy development, which create high-paying jobs. Texas is experiencing an energy and economic renaissance through their expansion of wind energy. In fact, like Russell, the Oklahoma Republican legislature and governor have gone out of their way to block solar and wind development by levying a large tax on roof top solar, blocking further wind development in the eastern half of the state.

Russell believes hydraulic fracking should be conducted in a completely unregulated manner, disavowing the science that has demonstrated a direct connection between fracking waste water injection in old abandoned oil and gas wells in Oklahoma, and the precipitous rise of earthquakes in Oklahoma. Russell is in effect placing our families and property in direct earthquake danger. Even the Oklahoma Corporation Commission is beginning to heed this science and find ways to regulate fracking waste injection in Oklahoma.

As your Representative I will promote an all-inclusive energy policy of fossil fuels, solar, wind, and geothermal to maximize job growth in Oklahoma as well as the other 49 states as opposed to regressive and economy shrinking policies like Rep. Russell’s inhibition of energy sources besides fossil fuels. I will always put the safety of your family and property first when it comes to ameliorating known dangers caused by unregulated fracking waste water injection and earthquakes. 
That's how a progressive candidate, in the heart of Oil country, campaigns against a bought-and-paid-for oil industry shill like Steve Russell. If you can, please consider making a contribution to Tom's grassroots campaign.

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At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Nick Tedesco said...

I believe that it won't be too long before wind and solar power are embraced in Oklahoma and all across America. The time for the renewable energy revolution is now.


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