Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Democrats Shouldn't Run A Candidate In IL-13 This Cycle, Just Tacitly Support Progressive David Gill


Republicans are worried that if Trump runs as an independent, the GOP will lose the presidential election in 2016, regardless of who they-- or the Democrats-- run. Some think the GOP would probably even come in third. But the Republicans aren't the only party with this kind of problem. 

Do you remember David Gill? In 2012 he beat the DCCC's hand-picked right-of-center candidate, Matt Goetten, in a Democratic primary in Illinois's 13th Congressional District. He's running for the seat again-- as an independent, which is sure to guarantee Republican incumbent Rodney Davis another term... unless the DCCC doesn't run a candidate at all. In 2014 they wasted nearly a million dollars on the bungled, lackluster campaign of their top recruit, the thoroughly uninspiring Ann Callis, who was routed by Davis, 122,661 (58.7%) to 86,126 (41.3%), in the PVI-neutral district that Obama won in 2008 with 55%.

Dr. Gill explained to his supporters his principled decision to run as an independent. "While I lost the election by 0.3% (the second-closest of the 435 U.S. House races that year), our message resonated with a broad coalition of voters in a difficult district. I have been busy since that election, developing the infrastructure needed to succeed with my current campaign in IL-13: I am running for Congress in 2016 as an Independent."
I have long criticized both major political parties for their subservience to Wall Street banks and large corporations.This populist message was pivotal in my upset victory over the hand-picked candidate of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the 2012 primary election. We were outspent 5-to-1, but ordinary voters responded to our message. They understand all too well that they have been abandoned by the leadership of both major parties. The Democratic Party abandoned me as well. In 2014 they again supported a candidate who abided by their pro-corporate agenda. Not surprisingly, that candidate lost by more than 50 TIMES the margin by which I had lost in 2012. The message sent by the voters is unmistakable: they have had their fill of politics as usual.

Voters understand that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are working on their behalf. They understand that only Independents, with no ties to the major parties or to the groups that finance the major parties, will speak on their behalf.

Voters are poised to take action. The growth of an Independent movement is not easy, but here in IL-13, we have an ideal opportunity to help spearhead this movement. Thanks to you, my past campaign efforts have provided me with a unique opportunity to secure a U.S. House seat as an Independent. Polling has demonstrated substantial support from all groups, including Republicans.

...For far too long, American voters have held their noses and chosen the lesser of two evils. Voters complain that "my vote doesn't make a difference."
Dr. Gill would have won in 2012 if not for the pointless candidacy of an independent, John Hartman, who parroted almost every word he said. Gill lost by 1,002 votes, and Hartman took 21,319 votes. Gill last April:
I'm definitely interested in challenging Davis again; I already beat him soundly once, but for the presence of John Hartman, who echoed my views on virtually every topic, including campaign-finance reform, term limits, health care financing, climate change, same-sex marriage and women's rights... 

However, I find the idea of running as a Democrat to be unattractive. In allowing itself to become, like the Republican Party, a subsidiary of the Wall Street banks and large multinational corporations, the Democratic Party has abandoned the interests of ordinary Americans. As a consequence, nearly all citizens, from all across the political spectrum, are left lacking employment security, retirement security, health care security, and educational security. The pro-corporate policies favored by the Democratic Party certainly impact the party's politics as well. In spite of my campaign's substantial success in 2012, the DCCC has shown no interest in supporting a follow-up effort on my part. Given the poor performance of other Democrats in the congressional district-- Ann Callis, Gov. Pat Quinn and Sen. Dick Durbin each lost the district by 20 to 60 times the margin of my defeat-- it is obvious that the viability of another campaign by myself is not the issue."
So far the DCCC has no candidate, although there are rumors that state Senator Andy Manar may run. He'd have no chance in a 3-way race and will just waste his time and resources. The DCCC would be better off just letting Gill take on Davis and likely beating him. He'd probably caucus with the Democrats in Congress, just as Independent Bernie Sanders has always done.

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