Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Paula Hawks Will Make The South Dakota House Race Competitive


Chris Christie might want to punch former school teacher Paula Hawks in the mouth, but the 2-term progressive state rep has a better chance of being elected to Congress than he has of getting into the White House. I asked some of my friends how progressive she is and they were all pretty positive. "If," one told me, "Stephanie [Herseth-Sandlin, Blue Dog, DINO and the last Democrat to hold the seat] is a 3 on a 1-10 progressive scale, I'd have to say Paula is a 7+."

"If I'm elected to the United States House of Representatives," she explained in her announcement video (above),
I will stand and fight for our family farmers and ranchers [emphasis hers]. I will stand and fight for South Dakota's women and support equal pay for equal work, something our current Representative [Republican Kristin Noem] opposes. I will stand with our seniors and fight for lower drug prices. I will stand up for our young people who are pursuing a higher education to ensure that their degree gives them a career, not decades of student loan debt. I will stand up against Wall Street to make sure that your hard-earned dollars are not swept away by high risk practices that have crippled our economy.
One of my most trusted South Dakota sources, who knows Paula personally, told me:
As far as I know she's a good progressive, and I'm glad to see she's running. Corinna Robinson was a disaster last time, had zero clue about politics, and most Democrats just felt sorry for her and ignored her because she was such an embarrassment to the party. A lot of people complain when the party doesn't field a candidate, like when John Thune runs unopposed. And he probably will again in 2016. But Corinna Robinson demonstrates that sometimes "nobody" is better than an embarrassing candidate. I think Paula will be capable, and hopefully she won't be too coopted by the DCCC/Blue Dog crowd as she tries to win statewide. It'll be hard, though.
Noem narrowly beat Blue Dog Herseth-Sandlin in 2010, 48-46%, but last year she trounced Corinna Robinson 67-33%. Noem spent $2,284,548 in her race against Herseth-Sandlin (who spent $2,180,569), and last year she spent $1,684,069 against Robinson's $167,102. Noem has been an aggressive fund-raiser from outside special interests and has already amassed a $1.2 million war chest for 2016.

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At 6:15 AM, Blogger POLITICAL ADVO said...

Dear Paula,

We at POLITCAL ADVO support you 100% and before Chris Christie wants to PUNCH someone in the mouth he should go somewhere and lose some WEIGHT!!!

In OUR opinion the day of OBEST Politions, certaninly an OBEST President are "GONE WITH THE WIND"!!! How disgusting HE and HIS statement ARE!!! I sure PRAY The Teacher's Union is taking NOTE of THIS!!!



Sinclair Johnson, Founder and President


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