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Clear Choice For Democrats In The Open IL-08 Seat


State Senator Mike Noland, progressive Democrat

Now that Tom Cullerton has dropped out of the race to replace Tammy Duckworth as Representative from Illinois's 8th Congressional District-- Chicago's northwest suburbs, Elgin and Schaumburg-- there is a clear two-man choice. On the one hand you have corporate Dem Raja Krishnamoorthi, and on the other you have proven progressive state Senator Mike Noland, who Blue America endorsed in April.

Krishnamoorthi is the kind of guy who says anything he thinks his listener wants to hear. His actions, though, speak louder than his recent pandering to progressives. In his 2010 losing campaign for state comptroller, Krishnamoorthi took nearly $75,000 worth of support from Spry Solutions, a company that specializes in outsourcing jobs to India. In fact, he ran his campaign from their office.

Krishnamoorthi hasn't fooled Blue America and, hopefully, won't fool voters in IL-08, where 64% of likely Democratic primary voters identify themselves as liberal while only 11% identify as conservative. A poll that was taken before Cullerton dropped out showed the primary wide open. A plurality of likely voters were undecided; it was Noland 22%, Krishnamoorthi 18%, undecided 32%. After only positive messaging about each of the candidates, Mike Noland pulled ahead among likely primary voters with 35% of the vote, to 22% for Krishnamoorthi and just 13% undecided.

IL-08 is a progressive district that is looking to support a pro-union, progressive candidate. Mike Noland’s record and biography fit this district, and he starts this race with a solid base of support in his state Senate district. With the resources to communicate his message and the ability to turn out targeted voters, he can win this competitive Democratic primary in March.

Noland is the lead sponsor of a bill in the Illinois General Assembly to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Here's what he told us about this issue at the end of May:
The time has come to allow patients to gain access to medical marijuana. Too many people are unnecessarily suffering when there is a natural alternative that can provide much relief from pain and other debilitating symptoms.

The medical community provides more than enough justification to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

The American Medical Association has long supported research on medical marijuana.

What is known is that the ‘high’ experienced by those who use marijuana is from only one component: Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.  What’s more, our bodies contain a natural cannabinoid that regulates health and wellness.  Indeed, our systems are pre-programmed to work with the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, which may be superior to narcotic painkillers for neuropathy, or nerve pain. Moreover, marijuana can decrease the amount of narcotics needed for pain relief. Yet the science is unequivocal, unlike narcotic painkillers, marijuana has only the same addictive potential as caffeine.

Marijuana’s main side effect is euphoria, and is often used as a sedative for cancer patients. In fact, it is currently being studied as a treatment for various forms of cancer itself.

The medical use of marijuana has also been shown to relieve the affects of both symptoms and the pain associated with AIDS/HIV, Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Crohn’s Disease, Epilepsy, Glaucoma and Multiple Sclerosis. So, many people are suffering unnecessarily when there is a real possibility for hope and relief.

I am proud of my past support of this cause in the Illinois Senate and plan to continue to support the science-based policy of legalized medical marijuana.
His bill passed 62-53 in the House and 37-19 in the Senate. Mike's been great on TPP as well.
Having served in the Illinois General Assembly for the past eight years now, I know that budget sweeps are among the most undisciplined and unprincipled actions a legislator can take. Funds earmarked for designated programs must be protected. Medicare is a sacred program that provides millions of seniors with the health care services they need. Demanding that funds for job training come from Medicare is just another example of Tea Party Republicans' attempt to dismantle any form of a social safety net.
Here's what he told us on his platform:
If elected to Congress I hope to carry on the work that I have started in the state legislature. As a progressive member of Congress I would continue to (1) be a leader on campaign finance reform, (2) be a fighter for universal health care (which could include single payer), and (3) help ensure that we find solutions to stem the effects of climate change.

I’ve been a keen leader on campaign finance reform throughout my time in the state Senate. In 2009 I was a lead co-sponsor of IL SB 1466, which for the first time introduced campaign contribution limits for candidates running in Illinois. Not only did this legislation introduce limiting the amount individuals and PACs could donate to campaigns, it also created greater transparency by requiring all contributions over $1,000 be reported (and posted publicly) within 5 days, and required candidates to disclose their contributions each quarter (instead of only twice a year). In 2013 I helped pass a joint-resolution that urged Congress to adopt a constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United decision and clearly define that CORPORATIONS ARE NOT INDVIDUALS. During the current legislative session I am carrying a bill that will create a first of its kind system of public financing campaigns in Illinois. I hope to go to Congress and work with members of the progressive caucus to pass campaign finance reform legislation that can curb the influence of money in our electoral process.

Even before the ACA was passed, it came under constant assault from the Tea Party and Republicans who were unhappy with its goals and accomplishments. I believe that we must stand up and protect the ACA, while continuing to expand its reach and create greater access to quality healthcare for more Americans. As an IL State Senator, I worked on legislation that could start the process of creating a Single Payer system in Illinois.

Finally, while deniers exist, we have to accept the damage that our environment has suffered as we live with the affects of climate change. I’ve served on the IL Senate Energy Committee and have worked to find practical solutions that allow for the expansion of renewable sources of energy. I’ve been very proud of my work with a local manufacturer of wind turbines in my district. Finding more sources of renewable energy is good for consumers, business, and our environment.
The choice is clear: Mike has been a stalwart and effective progressive in the state legislature; Krishnamoorthi is a corporate Democrat with different priorities. If you'd like to help Mike Noland win the seat... here's the place.

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