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Is Hillary Clinton Really Jay Z?


Bob Lefsetz, a former music business attorney and consultant, publishes the music business' most scathing newsletter. Music industry types love it-- as long as it doesn't mention them or their company or clients. This week he turned a spotlight on Vermont folksinger Bernie Sanders... sort of.
What’s wrong with giving $400 million to Harvard?

Nothing if you don’t mind being castigated by Malcolm Gladwell and becoming part of the billionaire backlash.

If you had asked me if Bernie Sanders had a chance, I’d have laughed at you. He’s an old socialist from a tiny state and his religion doesn’t resonate (I know, I’m a member of the tribe.) However, his message does.

They laughed at Occupy Wall Street.

They’re not laughing now.

We don’t care how smart John Paulson may be, he’s got his money, but can he donate it to those who need it?

As the Wall Street Journal said in response:
“The gifts highlight the diverging fortunes of the nation’s colleges. The 10 richest institutions held nearly a third of total cash and investments at four-year schools in fiscal 2014, while the top 40 accounted for two-thirds.”

Hedge-Fund Manager Paulson to Donate $400 Million to Harvard
The rich are getting richer while you struggle to pay your rent on your miniscule salary. But that’s because you’re lazy. We all know that. If you just tried a little bit harder you could be rich too!


Try being a teacher, making a difference, helping the younger generation…you’ll be struggling financially for the rest of your days. There are only a few professions that pay stratospherically, and a society they do not make, but we revere those with bucks and lower their taxes, because after all, they’re job creators.

This is the story of our day, income inequality. After global warming. Have you ever seen it be in the fifties in June in NYC?

And what this has to do with art is too many artists are on the wrong side. They don’t know what the job of an artist is. Which is to reflect our humanity back upon us, to soothe us and point the way. Instead, all we hear are platitudes and sponsorship stories.

Then Bernie Sanders builds on decades of truth and the public resonates.

Hillary Clinton is Jay Z. She made it to the top, but her history ain’t clean.

Is all we’ve got Jay Z?

Is all we’ve got Hillary?

Jay Z is rapping how he won’t live on Jimmy Iovine’s farm. I mean is that really the issue here? Artists being kept down by Apple? Have we come to that, where our targets are those who we compete with personally, as opposed to those who impede the greater good?

Everyone can use more money.

But Harvard is already our wealthiest university.

It’s already got a $42.8 billion endowment. Can we share the wealth people?

No, that would be communism, that would mean the terrorists have won!

To watch the inroads Bernie Sanders is making is remarkable. Because he’s saying what the people want to hear. That’s right, he’s paid his dues and his time is now, like artists used to.

Not that Bernie’s gonna beat Hillary. If Hillary fails it’ll be her own damn fault, she’ll be so busy triangulating that her phoniness will kill her campaign.

So do you want to be cynical or optimistic?

I hate that the press is salivating over the election eighteen months in advance, most interested in the horse race. The papers are not on our side, certainly not the television stations.

We live online. Our power is online. That’s where you spread the story, that’s where you break the bands.

And what resonates online is truth, justice and the American Way.

And we haven’t had that spirit here since 1969.

Paulson couldn’t see the backlash coming. The rich live in a bubble.

Which side are you on? Do you want to elbow your brother as you try to climb the greased totem pole or band together with like-minded people to change this world of ours?

Hard work should be rewarded. But it should not ensure the continued wealth and power of a single class. Most can’t go to Harvard, which is need blind to boot. Instead you have to go to the state school with less money which won’t cover your costs even if you’re broke. Tough noogies. Taxes can’t go up and you didn’t have the right parents, too bad.

Something is definitely happening here.

And what’s astounding is artists are nowhere to be found. So busy triangulating themselves, they’re afraid to speak the truth for fear of missing out on endorsements and opportunities. But the twentieth century is dead, we are not all one big happy family, a country united. Rather we’re made up of the haves and have-nots. And, ironically, the rich are just as ignorant as the poor, but in a different way.

Ferguson, Garner, Baltimore, something’s brewing, it’s happening here.

It’s a living movie, we all have roles.

Live yours to the fullest.
“Malcolm Gladwell just went nuts on a Wall Street billionaire’s $400 million donation to Harvard”

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