Saturday, May 23, 2015

President Obama Gets Twitter Account: Racist Republican Base Goes Wild!


When the New York Times asked "Jeff Gully" about his handiwork, he wanted to know how much he would be paid to comment.

by Noah

Well, OK. I know. The republican base went wild a long time ago. They especially went wild when America elected a black man as its president. We all know where the vast majority of republicans stand on race. We've heard the "jokes" about whether the White House should still be called "the White House" and all that.

Whether it's Rancid Paul saying he would not vote for Civil Rights legislation, Mittens Romney's veiled use of the KKK's "Keep America American" slogan (he merely dropped the n), the name of Rick Perry's ranch (Niggerhead), or just the pictures of Obama carrying watermelons or dressed as a witch doctor or with a noose around his neck which republicans e-mail to each other, republicans have made it perfectly clear that being a racist is a cherished qualification for membership in their party. You don't have to point to the likes of media loudmouth Tucker Carlson or former republican politician and KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. This stuff goes to the very top of the party.

It ain't just their base. The top eggs the base on, using them as shock troops in their culture wars. The base eggs the candidates on, screaming for a return to the 1950s or, even better, the 1850s. It's a vile vicious circle. They have their radio talkers and other media. They feed on their conspiracy Internet sites. Hell, we all know they even have their own FOX News "Let me tell you about the negro" TV network, all stirring the hateful stew. I'll never forget seeing Mike Huckabee and Bill-O going on and on about how President Obama is not "a traditional American," over and over again, even pointing out that he never played Little League baseball but plays basketball -- and we know what that means. Oooh, basketball! Say no more. Throw in a few extra "Kenyans" and some birth certificate gibberish too!

With such a sick environment so successfully created, an environment where racists can feel so comfortable proclaiming their racism, it came as no surprise that when President Obama went live with his @POTUS Twitter account, it took no more than ten minutes for the republican base to start hurling the contents of their fetid little repug minds at him, and, really, at everyone who voted for him, but, mostly him. Sure, they showed us what they are, but we already knew that. These are the same crowd that boo soldiers and yell “Let him die” at their debates, and shout out “You lie” from the peanut gallery that is Congress. Would it surprise any rational person if we found that some of these hateful tweets actually came from certain people in Congress, or maybe some republican governor’s office?

Here's one of the very first tweets to @POTUS from Republican World:

And another:

To be fair, and I'm always fair, this is not to say that every single republican is a racist. Some of them who by their own words and actions obviously are may even think they aren't. They will tell you to your face that they aren't, and then they vote for candidates, such as the ones I mentioned, who clearly are, by word and deed, so…

The wingnut party membership doesn't just use the N-word, in their tweets to the president. Fag and faggot also make regular appearances in the great republican tweet catalog. I guess that's not surprising when you have their World Net Daily, a popular and often quoted republican "news" site, claiming that President Obama is secretly gay and is even secretly married to a man, etc.

Oh, and then there's the cuteness of the tweet at the top of this post, substituting "Rope" for "Hope," with that lovely picture. The tweeter, Jeff Gullickson, of Minneapolis, says this tweet got him a visit from the Secret Service. His mom must be so proud; if he hasn't killed her and stuffed her in the attic. When asked for comment by the New York Times, Gullickson e-mailed back asking how much they would pay.


In our society being a racist happens to get you in the door to Republican World faster. Call it the republican form of affirmative action. The reaction to @POTUS is a reflection of the essence of the republican party. You won't see a tidal wave of top-level republicans telling their voters to shut up or act more civilized. If you want to get anywhere in the republican party, you have to throw a few racist bones to the voters yourself or you will always be ignored when it comes to anything else you have to say -- and your poll numbers will tank too. You will not pass go, you will not be nominated.

Sorry, but once you've thrown that bone, you have contributed to the disease of racism and you are a racist. No excuses. You've joined up. Go ahead, lie to yourself all you want. We know what you are. "Supporting voter ID isn't racist," my ass!

Some republicans, such as Michele Bachmann, echoing slavery-era owners, have gone so far as to say that African-Americans were happy being slaves. Then, there's Rush Limbaugh's constant reference to the president of the United States as "the Half-rican-American."  Not a day goes by when some republican politician or media slime somewhere (start with Drudge or FOX) doesn't utter something blatantly racist. One could fill a 30-volume encyclopedia with their crap. It's who they are. In a way, it's a good thing that they have gotten so emboldened about expressing their true feelings for all to more easily note. If our country is lucky, the public will soon tire of them all.


Republicans will even claim that it is Obama who is always playing the race card. To republicans, Obama does not have to say a word to play the race card. All he has to do is walk in front of a TV camera and, well, see? Look, there he goes again! Just look at him!

Racism is what drives the engine of the republican party and they know it. They are masters of using the politics of white supremacy, fear, latent or overt hostility, and anxiety to motivate their base. They embrace and use it lovingly.

So the republican reaction to @POTUS was no surprise. The core of the republican party leapt at the chance to express their inner freakchild and continues to do so.

There is, however, a way to stop their vile tweets, and it plays beautifully into the twisted workings of the republican mind and that mind's love of seeing conspiracy where there is none. Here it is. All we have to do is spread the word among republicans that @POTUS is President Obama's dastardly plan to create a database of easily traceable anti-Obama people so that they can be more easily rounded up and placed in FEMA Concentration Camps.

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At 7:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I continue to be surprised at the depth and extent of racism and its expression since 2008.

Now I wonder just have w bad the misogyny is going to get in 2016...

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Erik Lindgren said...

This recent "Rope" commentary was pure Republican shock and awe,, and was completely tasteless and I suspect calculated. Glad to see you point out that despicable strategy that the Right has always incorporated into their racist devilish strategy.

At 3:02 PM, Blogger ResQDogZ said...

I am appalled and ashamed that any citizen of this country would resort to such blatantly despicable, racist, disrespectful behavior toward President Obama... or ANYONE ELSE, for that matter.


Perhaps THEY are the ones who should leave this country and never be allowed to return, since they're hell-bent on acting in polar opposition to those principles upon which it was founded?!

And I'm embarrassed and humiliated, that so many of the worst of tweets seem to originate from MY home state - Minnesota...


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