Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dilbert Watch: The fall and rise of Wally -- When one door closes, maybe some crazy window opens?


UPDATE: The fun's not over (see below)

DILBERT by Scott Adams -- Thursday, 3/19

When last we left Wally . . . (Click to enlarge)

by Ken

I've already admitted that Dilbert's coworker ("friend" seems kind of a stretch in Dilbert's world) Wally is a personal hero and role model, and when last we left him, it was Thursday of the second seeke of the stirring saga of his mentoring by the company's CEO, and as you can see above, he was, er, riding high! As, of all things, a vice president! Since it was, after all, Thursday, I wrote: "Which leaves us (presumably) with two days to follow."

It's a good thing I stuck that "presumably" in, because it turned out that the whole thing would become unstuck in morely one more day:

DILBERT by Scott Adams -- Friday, 3/20

(Click to enlarge)

Oh well, easy come, easy go. And you never can tell, being a vice president might at some point have entailed (shudder) work, and we know that Wally doesn't readily go there. But imagine the surprise when this very week some mighty strange developments developed? (Such a coincidence! You don't suppose ol' Scott has maybe slipped some reruns in here on us?)


It all started, well, perplexingly enough:

DILBERT by Scott Adams -- Wednesday, 3/25

(Click to enlarge)

And then the thing just sort of gathered momentum:

DILBERT by Scott Adams -- Thursday, 3/26

(Click to enlarge)

DILBERT by Scott Adams -- Friday, 3/27

(Click to enlarge)

DILBERT by Scott Adams -- Saturday, 3/28

(Click to enlarge)


MONDAY UPDATE: No, the fun's not over!

DILBERT by Scott Adams -- Monday, 3/30




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