Friday, February 27, 2015

This is no time to go soft on those marauding union terrorists Gov. Scott "The Lying Scumbag" Walker beat into submission


by Ken

Let me say at the outset that I am a singularly poor predictor of those game-changing moments When Right-Wing Scumbag Liars Go Too Far. With alarming frequency one of these hell-clowns says or does something that seems to me so irretrievably blatant that even the stupidest, most blinkered followers can't help but be shaken by, and nothing happens. Contrarily, on occasions when one of them goes A Lie Too Far, it's over something that in my mind should hardly have registered a blip on the Right-Wing Scale of Outrage.

Take the Katrinafication of New Orleans. Was I shocked and sickened by those images of fellow citizens abandoned to their fate by the savage imbeciles of the right-wing power trust? Especially as highlighted by those pictures of the monster Chimpy the Prez and the monster Young Johnny McCranky playing with birthday cake? Well, of course? Who wouldn't be? I'll tell you who I thought wouldn't be offended: the American public. After all, what was there in those pictures that was different from what that public had been seeing and hearing for ages? The "otherness" of those victims would normally have rendered them safely outside Real Americans' zone of concern. Didn't we learn just recently, in the wake of the hooha of all those police shootings of unarmed persons of color that Real Americans not only don't object but are happy to see their brave cops ridding us of their kind one by one?

Even now, don't ask me to explain why many of those Real Americans were jolted out of their complacent unreality by those images. In the same way, I don't know what NJ Gov. Kris "NJ Fats" Krispy said or did to cause the air to rush out of his campaign blimp. Yeah, his imbecilic blithering in London about the vaccination question was horrible, but compared with the horrors that lying scumbag had been routinely perpetrating on a daily basis, it seemed to me hardly worth a second thought. But clearly something happened. I'm not sorry it did, but I can't tell you what it is/was.

Looking at it again from the opposite direction, there were people who thought the starkly unprincipled stonewalling of questions it was simply too politically inconvenient for him to answer would set in motion a death spiral for the political ambitions of WI Gov. Scott "I Lie for the Hell of It" Walker. Yet here he is, the newest-crowned "front runner" for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

So now, do I think he's gone A Lie Too Far in his grotesque equating with Islamic terrorists those Wisconsin public-employee union members who, as targets of his no-holds-barred war of extermination on them, took to the streets to protest, about as American an exercise as you can imagine of the rights of free speech and assembly? Well, sure, I think it ought to open people's eyes to the kind of dishonest, demagogic, authoritarian tool of the plutocracy he has been, without apology, though perhaps with a fair amount of camouflage, since he entered political life. But does that mean I think it will have any impact with the throngs who apparently see him as their new Great White Hope?

I can't for the life of me see why. Still, he does seem to be attracting an unusual amount of unkind attention, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving scumbag.


I have to tell you, I was even more offended by the lies "Scumbag Scott" spewed to cover up his little gaffe than I was by the gaffe itself. The poor baby was "misconstrued." I realize he was kind of hemmed in. The usual dodges like "I was misquoted" or "I was taken out of context" were kind of taken out of play by, well, his own lying self. Reference his own damned tweet above. Misquoted? Not hardly. Taken out of context? Well, the toxic-gasbag provided his own context! So instead, he was "misconstrued." Puh-lease!

I've come up with two better (I think) explanations for this latest outburst of union-bashing by "Scumbag Scott," which I offer to his crisis-management team free of charge.

(1) He's that rare bird, a right-wing lying scumbag with a conscience.

It took me some disconnected-mind free associating to come up with this one, but it made sense when it hit me. Think of it as part of the "mandate" the governor hopes to win as he makes his way to the White House. Once he's ensconced in the Oval Office, I'm confident that he plans to continue his frontal assault on truth and decency. If, through some Katrina-like unforeseeable web of circumstances he should be exposed as a pathological liar, he can point back to incidences like this and say with considerable justice, "Did I ever pretend to be anything but a pathological liar? Isn't the record abundantly clear that the people who voted for me did so in full knowledge of who and what I am?"

I still kind of like this explanation, but it strikes me as awfully subtle for as unsubtle a pol as "Scumbag Scott," who doesn't usually traffic heavily in subtleties. So I've come up with another explanation.

(2) He meant exactly what he said.

One of the more potent screeches currently being screeched by the Right-Wing Noise Machine is the dastardly refusal of non-America-loving pseudo-Americans like the president of the United States to fill their conversation with hate-filled references to "Islamic terrorists." I expect that Governor Scott subscribes to this school of, er, thought. He's not the kind of guy to temporize or apologize in the face of his near-total ignorance about Islam. And along those lines, just as it's important to publicly call out "Islamic terrorists" for the tools of Satan they are, isn't it also important to call out other anti-American tools of Satan like, you know, union terrorists?

The truth is that unions were an indispensable part of the rise of the American middle class. But when did "Scumbag Scott" and the Right-Wing Noise Machine start giving a darn about the truth? American wants lies. Admitedly, they have to be just the right kind(s) of lies, but if anyone's prepared to gratify that wish, it's "Scumbag Scott."

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At 1:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walker has brutally, viciously and effectively attacked unions, state pensions, healthcare and education - the big 4.

Yes, he has experienced some resistance BUT he 1) survived a recall effort (not without, you guessed it, Dem spinelessness and idiocy) and 2) was re-elected to a second term 52-46.

It has to be clear why he is seen as a hero to the radical reich.

For a party that publicly condemns just about everyone in its own society (see list below), AND still gains control of both houses of congress, he MUST be considered among the front runners for the their nominee v. the Generalissima.

GOP enemies list:
A. the 50 million without health care insurance (3.5 years of “utterances”)
B. “the military” Sept 2013 Sen. T Cruz (R-deep left field)
1. women
2. veterans
3. poor
4. homeless
5. labor
6. union members
7. teachers
8. firefighters
9. nurses
10. police
11. government workers
12. youth
13. elderly, infirm & disabled
14. immigrants
15. people of color
16. Natve Americans
17. smart people
18. professors/intellectuals
19. the educated, trial lawyers, scientists
20. girl scouts
21. media (non-FOX)
22. Hollywood
23. Protestants (Santorum)
24. Catholic Church (Cuccinelli)
25. non-Christians, atheists, agnostics
26. hippies
27. community organizers
28. middle class
29 LGBT folks
30 47% off-the-top
31. US auto industry (and its admirers)
32. census workers
33. disaster victims
34. college students/graduates
35. 9/11 responders

and more from
From Progressive Review
John Puma

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three times Wisconsin could have stopped this AHO. Three times they put him into power, including once because removing his sorriness from office "wouldn't be fair" despite how he'd begun screwing them.

Do they hear him NOW?

I used to love Wisconsin. Now I wouldn't set foot there if the Kochs paid me what they pay Snott Walker to destroy what was one a fine state.

- neoconned


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