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Shenna Bellows Makes The Case For Maine Democrats-- Stumping In Portland With President Obama


The speech above is about a progressive vision that Michelle Nunn, Alison Grimes, Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu-- let alone Greg Orman or Larry Pressler-- could never give. Shenna Bellows gave the speech Thursday night at at the Portland Expo rally. Blue America contributors have given more to the Bellows campaign than to any other Senate campaign anywhere-- not because she's the most likely to win (she isn't), but because she's the ideal candidate our contributors want to see keep fighting. Grimes won't even admit she voted for Obama. Bellows doesn't agree with him on everything-- not by a long shot-- but she had no problem emphasizing the positive and appearing with him to rally Maine voters. This is the speech she gave. Give it a listen up top or read it here-- and afterwards, I've included (below) the Blue America ad we're running right up until Tuesday in Maine. (If you want to chip in, we can increase the reach at any time.)
There is so much power in this room-- the power of the grassroots. And it is wonderful to be back in Portland to welcome President Obama here tonight. My name is Shenna Bellows and I am running for United States Senate. Working people deserve a voice in Washington. And since I launched my campaign more than a year ago I’ve traveled across the state. I’ve walked across the state over 350 miles from Houlton to Kittery. And I talked with voters about the change we need in Augusta and Washington.

You see, I grew up in Hancock. I’m the daughter of a carpenter and a home health care nurse. And we struggled when I was a kid. I grew up without electricity or running water until I was in the fifth grade. But I worked hard in my entire career, from the Peace Corps to the Americorps to the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine. My work has been about making the world a better place, and that’s why I’m running for United States Senate.

This election is about two different visions for the future. It’s a contrast of hope and fear. President Obama won on a platform of hope-- a hope for civil rights for all people. For universal health care. For a clean and healthy environment and economic opportunity for all Americans. And with the help of Senate Democrats, he’s been able to do so much. He brought us back from the brink of economic disaster with the stimulus package. He passed the Affordable Care Act and expanded health care to millions of Americans. He advanced civil rights and bold new carbon emissions rules.

But it wasn’t easy, because Washington Republicans have blocked him at every turn. Washington Republicans-- including my opponent, Republican Susan Collins-- have blocked progress on the minimum wage, on equal pay for equal work, on veterans’ benefits, and on campaign finance reform. We’ve seen here in Maine how much damage Republicans can do when they are in control. We’ve seen it in the House of Representatives, where Washington Republicans forced a government shutdown last year. And we cannot afford a Republican majority in the United States Senate. We cannot afford to elect Republican Susan Collins and risk control this year.

You see, America at its core is a promise. It’s a promise that a single mom’s son can grow up to be president. It’s a promise that a mill worker can be governor. You see, I know Mike Michaud. I’ve worked with him closely. I know he will be a strong advocate for women and for workers. That he will stand up for everyone. I know because he listens and he pays attention and he’s honest and he does the right thing even when no one is watching.

This election is about unity. It’s about voting our hopes for a better future. And it’s up to you. If each one of you and everyone in this state who voted for President Obama last time around turns out and votes for Mike and votes for me, then Mike will be your next governor and I will be your next United States senator.

You have the power to restore America’s promise of freedom and security and opportunity for all. Don’t let fear win this time. Commit tonight to phone bank and canvass. Go to Facebook and tell your friends that you’ve signed up and they should too. Talk to every single one of your friends and family members. Let them know about same-day voter registration-- something Paul LePage tried to end and we brought back.

We can restore freedom and fairness for all through unity and through action. I ask for your vote-- for me, for Mike, for Chellie or Emily-- not just for us, but for the next generation. This is for a better future for our state and our entire nation. Thank you so very much.

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At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish that Obama was the liberal he first ran as. I wanted him to be the Second Coming of FDR instead of the corporatist lackey he's become. I wanted him to take on Reaganomics instead of using it as a script to lie to his base.

IF (a big conditional) the GOP ever came up with a real human to run instead of the fascist fundamentalists they tend to porovide, Obama would have lost in 2012.

ACA left a lot of room for teams of corporate lawyers to find ways to get around the rules and make lots of money at the expense of their customers' health coverage. What has Obama done to protect and defend the only significant achievement of his regime? for a guy who claims to care about his legacy, he hasn't done much at all!

And yet, despite all the negatives, he remains the lesser of the two corporate evils. Had he delivered a better economy with real jobs, the Democrats wouldn't have to worry that this year the GOP is about to apply another layer of shellac.

At 5:31 PM, Blogger Rick Elizz said...

9546well is better than sheep


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