Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wendy Greuel Targets Marianne Williamson In A Vicious, Negative Attack


I tried to sit down with as many of the candidates running for Congress in the 33rd congressional district as I could so I could get to know more about them than what kind of images their consultants crafted for them. I was especially struck with how cordial and supportive all the canddiates-- or at least the Democratic and independent candidates-- were. Front runner and Democratic Party official candidate state Sen. Ted Lieu was adamant that he would be running a purely positive campaign, as he has. Far from front runner, Barbara Mulvaney, a career diplomat, couldn't even conceive of the idea of running anything negative about any of her fellow Democrats. When I first met with independent progressive Marianne Williamson she made it seem that running a positive campaign was part of her religion.

Even as desperate careerist Wendy Greuel and her allies were going into vicious attack mode mode against Marianne-- same as they had done when they decided to slime Eric Garcetti in the mayoral race last year-- Williamson refused to say a single word against Greuel and her ugly, misleading cheap shots. Those around her insisted she respond to the barrage of negative attacks by Greuel, a carpetbagger from the Valley who doesn't-- and never will-- understand the culture of the West Side. Here's the video Marianne put up on YouTube (up top) to clear up the poison Greuel, a Reagan-supporting Republican who switched party registration for expediency's sake, and her allies have been spreading about Marianne being as bad on Choice as the states of Texas and Mississippi, a pure Rovian tactic of taking an opposing candidate's strength and turning it against them. But what could anyone expect from a Republican retread like Greuel than to just keep operating like Rove?

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