Thursday, January 09, 2014

From our A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words Dept.: Do you recognize this Indian diplomat?


From -- click to enlarge

by Ken

I'm not sure why I clicked through to the the "Washington Post e-"News Alert" that went out this afternoon at 4:12:14 PM, but I did, and I was greeted with what you see above. I sat looking at it for a brief while, then whizzed through the brief text, then sat looking at it for a longer while.

Am I the only one who took it for granted that the photo was of the (female) Indian diplomat in question? Possibly at a hearing of some sort before her departure, dressed in some unusual native garb I'm not familiar with?

No, as I discovered when I looked closer, it's North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un's sometimes-favorite American, Dennis Rodman -- yammering about goodness-only-knows-what-now. I would ask if something can't be done about that man, but obviously is something could, it would have been done by now.

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