Monday, October 28, 2013

Rob Zerban Announces A Rematch Against Paul Ryan In Wisconsin


Last year, with no help from the DCCC (unless you want to consider negative help of Steve Israel calling wealthy donors and telling them to not "waste" their money on Rob Zerban), Rob Zerban came closer to defeating Paul Ryan than any Democrat had before. Ryan represents a swing district in southeast Wisconsin, WI-01 (Kenosha, Racine, Janesville, Muskego, Elkhorn and southern Milwaukee suburbs like Oak Creek and Greendale. Spending $6,651,221 to Zerban's $2,250,102, Ryan took 199,715 votes (55%) to Rob's 157,721 (43%). Rob managed to beat Ryan in Kenosha and Rock Counties (respectively his home county and Ryan's home county but Ryan's huge margin in Waukesha and the Milwaukee 'burbs proved too big an obstacle to overcome. Saturday, though, Rob announced at a rally in Kenosha that he's going to try to build on what he accomplished last year and overtake Ryan in 2014.

Last year both Obama and now-Senator Tammy Baldwin both also won Racine County, Tammy 51-46% and Obama 51-48%. Rob came close with Ryan edging him by about 2,500 votes (51-48%). Winning in Racine and making inroads in the Milwaukee suburbs and expanding his lead in Kenosha and Rock is the key to Rob winning next year-- plus the national wave that's starting to build for Democrats. A recent poll of WI-01 for MoveOn by PPP shows Ryan's approval rating down to 49%. If the election were held today against "a generic Democrat," Ryan would win, 50-43%. When voters are made aware that Ryan voted to shut down the government, his chances of winning fall by 2 points and the undecideds start breaking for the "generic Democrat," whose share goes up to 46%. But Ryan didn't just vote to shut down the government, he broke with the GOP leadership and stuck with the tea baggers in opposing the Senate bill to re-open the government and prevent a default. That happened after the poll was taken.

And Rob Zerban is no "generic Democrat." While Ryan has been lying his ass off to his constituents-- trying to prevent health care for the poor (while secretly asking for Obamacare funds for his own district), Rob has been becoming strong and stronger as a political leader and a candidate who can communicate a coherent alternative vision thanks exposes what Paul Krugman pointed out is Ryan's flimflam approach to governance. AT his announcement rally, Rob went beyond just pointing out that Ryan's notorious budget, "his votes for a government shutdown and default, his efforts to end medicare as we know it-- they are wrong for our country." He articulated a vision of his own:
I see an America where the signs in our store-fronts read help wanted not going out of business. I see an America where every child’s aspirations and ability determine their level of education, not their parents net worth our ability to borrow. I see an America where wind turbines and solar panels keep cropping up in fields and on roof tops creating job opportunities and energy independence.

I see an America where the doors to the doctor’s office are not blocked by a mountain of medical bills. I see an American where millions of people can finally step out of the shadows without fear of punishment from the country they call home. I see an America where everyone has the right to marry the person they love. Now more than ever we need this vision for our country. And so today I am declaring my candidacy for the United States Congress.
The DCCC is still helping Ryan keep his seat. Even if Steve Israel and his dysfunctional DCCC are still protecting Ryan, the Wisconsin Democratic Party is not. This morning the state party chairman, Mike Tate, had this to say about Zerban's candidacy: "Rob Zerban has the experience and the positive vision to truly represent this great district and it is exciting news that he is entering the race. While Paul Ryan has been focused on catering to tea party extremes and shutting down the government, Rob Zerban is focused on bold solutions that will truly benefit the district. With his local experience on the Kenosha County Board and his background as a small businessman he would be a welcome replacement. Paul Ryan bears a big responsibility for the dysfunction in Congress and Rob Zerban would be an excellent and much needed upgrade." Like last year, Rob needs grassroots support if he's going to oust this guy. Steve Israel will never help. Will you? You can, right here on the Blue America page.

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At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think be can do it moire support and our side have to get over outside help.but, there is a difference of me sending $25 and making a personal calls thanks dark money that's filled with lies,and a un democratic sense of the whole election process.
Also,Rob Zerban didn't even debate Aryana and ge can so close to winning.
Ryan will have nothing to taut brings no jobs, health care but maybe another threat of Govermaent shutdown. He's as much as fault for those shutdown as Cruz his pet Lee ect. He says Heritage is ok sort of. Get out of High School Paul they had no plan admitted made smart/dumb And dumb Republicans follow them with their $$ the ideology.Who Paid for all of Ted Cruz's Repeal Obamacare events.Heritage Action after they clean house of the racsist who was high up. "Would he have been googled that Ted Cruz was smart,hut,dumb.
The State of Texas maybe after Cruz's third lost in front of Scotus would choose someone who could argue a car or not pretend "constitutional" rights. It's like Fox using news Alert has lost all meaning.
So he needs to show that yes Liberals have a use for the constitution to.
The difference now a-days-- we embrace the changes and don't want then repealed like Republicans.
See, I'm an actual independent. Not some fake one like Bill O'Reilly or the dim wit the moved from morning to afternoon. So, a real race banter could move to 9.
Since I want all sides of a story read bills ect ECT. Rob Zerban can really unseat Paul Ryan.
In MA I worked on the Carl Sciortino campaign he was the only progress democrat rerunning for seat 5 in Congress the Dem who did win was a giant fault and not progressive. It's sad in a time just because you help a woman carry an extra bag she can't hold that's progressive. That's why when the election came ( it was a special on) I did not vote between and the forgotten aRepublican(maybe move to New Hampshire) since MA and NH and so alike that's why we're called Masshole there. I hope Katherine Clark is challenged by a good strong progressive candidate and she'll be out in Nov.
If Rob Zerban needs help I can send a s persons generals publics view of his faults. 1) Talking fast doesn't mean your smart it's your hoping people are missing what your saying.2) He's a conservative doll for what ,putting out morally disgraceful budgets and would get America know where?

At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in California and realize the importance of getting as many Democrats in Congress as possible in 2014. That's why I contribute to as many Democrats as possible.
I don't know Robs stand on Obamacare, but want to encourage him to fully support it in his district. Make sure that everyone knows that the ACA IS Obamacare. Call the Republicans out when they lie about it and if their lips are moving, they're lying. In community meetings know enough about those signing up to refute Republicans lies with facts. It's a winning strategy. Good luck.

At 11:38 AM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

You'll be happy to know that Rob is a backer of Medicare for All, the best way to fix the corporate shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act.


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