Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nihilism... Republican Style


Perhaps you read Greg Sargent's excellent piece for the Washington Post Tuesday about increasingly reckless and aggressive GOP nihilism in Congress. The Republicans are no longer a legitimate opposition party, "instead opting for a kind of post-policy nihilism in which sabotaging the Obama agenda has become its only guiding governing light." He goes on to ask Republicans in Washington an important question that few in the corporate media ever consider:
What’s the line between fighting for your ideology and ensuring that the government that pays your salaries actually works — or even attempts to work? At some point, governing has to take place, but when does that begin? We know what opponents will say in response to this: These are bad laws, and we have to do whatever it takes to stop them. But at what point does an election have a governing consequence?

...[I]t goes well beyond Obamacare implementation and the relentless blockading of Obama nominees for the explicit purpose of preventing democratically-created agencies from functioning. We’ve slowly crossed over into something a bit different. It’s now become accepted as normal that Republicans will threaten explicitly to allow harm to the country to get what they want, and will allow untold numbers of Americans to be hurt rather than even enter into negotiations over the sort of compromises that lie at the heart of basic governing.
Sargent points to the sequester that the GOP have used to slow down the economy, halt job growth and wreck countless lives across the country. And he points to the crazy demands they're about to spring on the country of what they want-- like the toxic Ryan budget-- in return for not bankrupting the country when the debt ceiling vote comes up again.

And there's so much he didn't mention. Like how Boehner and Cantor, having failed miserably to have passed a Farm Bill two years in a row-- primarily because enough of their own caucus wants to see poor people starve to death-- have now decided to not just reduce food stamps but to remove the program from the bill entirely. Let them eat... Republicans?

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