Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Don't Minnesota Voters Deserve A Choice? Joe Perske Is NOT A Choice... In Fact, He's Anti-Choice


Hard to imagine, but MN-06 is likely to wind up with someone WORSE than Bachmann!

Drowning in scandal and extremism-- and facing a rematch with Jim Graves, the Democrat who nearly beat her last year-- Bachmann was uncharacteristically wise to announce her retirement from Congress. The Republicans are finding some other lunatic-- probably right-wing lobbyist Tom Emmer-- to represent Minnesota's 6th CD. Although the DCCC ignored Graves last year, they were as stunned by his success as Bachmann was and they promised to help him next year. Not counting outside money, Bachmann spent $11,946,232 on her reelection campaign, an incredible $66.65 for every vote. Graves spent $2,279,384 or $13.03 per vote. She beat him 180,131 to 175,923 and of the 8 counties that make up the district, he beat her in Benton and Stearns and tied her in Anoka and Washington.

Tom Emmer, who was defeated in his run for governor last year, is as extremist in his politics as Bachmann. He espouses the Confederate nullification doctrine, doesn't think corporations should pay any taxes at all, opposes a minimum wage and decided to make his gubernatorial run a jihad against waiters and waitresses. Of course he's a loud homophobic bigot, anti-Choice, actually in favor of school bullying and is a serial drunk driver who keeps trying to make drunk driving a less serious crime. The man is sick-- and that helps explain why he lost his bid for the governorship, despite being heavily financed to the tune of several million dollars by crooked corporations like Best Buy and Target.

Once Bachmann pulled out of the race, the DCCC's interest in helping Graves instantly evaporated and he withdrew as well. Although there's a possibility of an actual Democrat jumping in, it looks like the worst of all options, Sartell's conservative first-term mayor, Joe Perske, will be the Democratic candidate. There's no reason for any progressive to consider voting for him, regardless of how terrible Emmer is.
Perske acknowledged he’s "not an articulate politician" but says that might not be a problem for many 6th District voters.

"I change my own oil. I cut my own coupons. I don’t know how many congressmen do that," Perske said. "I represent the working class of Central Minnesota."

Perske says he considers himself a "Blue Dog," or centrist, Democrat because he says he’s against abortion rights and supports Second Amendment rights. Still, he says he’s not a Republican because they aren’t offering solutions to create livable wage jobs or improve education or health care access.
Perske can't win. You need an actual Democrat to beat a Republican, not an apologetic semi-Republican. Good time to watch this Grayson video about what a real Democrat is:

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At 9:46 AM, Blogger Toni Rask said...

While I agree that Perske is not a traditional candidate, if a centrist democrat such as Graves couldn't hack it in the backwards thinking 6th district we need someone who can at least be a moderate if he wants any chance of winning Wright and Sherburne counties.

At 2:58 PM, Blogger DFL Delegate said...

As a delegate, I have asked both candidates, Jim Read and Joe Perske, regarding their views on pro-life and being anti-choice. I conclude that Jim and Joe both have similar views.

Since Jim is not questioned here on this blog, I'll address Joe's response. Joe admits he is not pro-abortion, in fact his religion makes those issues difficult for him and he said that won't change. But. . .and this is important, the right for families and their doctors to make those decisions among themselves is very important and must be preserved. If the language of what legislation comes before him hints at removing the rights of families and their doctors to not have access to contraceptives or that abortion is made illegal in any way he's against it. He stated (paraphrased) "We can't send women to jail for abortions. That's an issue between them, their families and their doctors."

I conclude that neither candidate is anti-choice. And that's an important difference from anti-abortion. One is a value and the other affects civil rights.

Regarding a rumor whether Joe went to Washington to attend an anti-choice or abortion rally he stated he only went once to Washington to attend an Area Planning Org (APO) Convention with other mayors from other states to discuss projects and budgeting in their cities.

When watching Alan Grayson's video, a man of character who speaks the truth without leaning on rumors or hearsay, those who see it must remember he does not address a democrat running as a democrat. Alan addresses Republicans running as a Democrat to get their issues voted in in both parties as a strategy which is deceitful. There is no law that candidates can't have religious values as long as church and state remain separate.

Joe and Jim both have things to bring to the table as longstanding democrats. They both want to preserve the rights of women in our district. And we alone in CD6 must decide who is not the choice to run against Tom Emmer. Because your blog may influence unfairly candidates without proof, please considering changing the tone on your blog and hold to the standards of Alan Grayson, who speaks without presumptious or misleading information.

A DFL Delegate from CD6

At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, what??? Perske "want(s) to preserve the rights of women in our district"!?? Say what now? This is exactly what people don't like about politics, candidates and supporters changing their positions to suit the audience. Perske frequently and proudly refers to himself as a "Pro-Life" democrat. In his kickoff speech, he said "this election is about the unborn child", every pro-lifers favorite code phrase for "I'm with you". Now when he gets heat over it in a progressive blog, you're going to try to convince people he's pro-choice?!? Really? Because he's been out on the trail trying to sell himself as the "moderate" Democrat, but the only thing he's ever said publicly that sets him apart from other more progressive dems IS his stance on abortion. If you're going to call yourself a "conservative democrat", you need to own up to it. If Perske really is willing to stand up for preserving women's rights, he's going to seriously piss off a lot of people who have been supporting him BECAUSE he tells them he's the pro-life candidate in the race. And "DFL Delegate", your comments about Grayson are way off too. He is talking about actual conservative Democrats who run as Democrats and are in many cases even supported by the DCCC.


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