Thursday, May 16, 2013

Paul Ryan Gets A Letter From A Constituent


Hey Paul Ryan!

What do you think of the $52 billion in profits to the US Treasury made by the government taking over student lending?

Haven't heard you praising the outcome of a "Government Takeover."


Could it be that those profits would have been gravy profits to your benefactors?

It sure seems to me this is an excellent example of Government gone right.

I understand why this is not something you would not like to discuss. Like a wealthy guy (hmm... you!) paying for a private school college education on the Social Security benefits you want to cut.

Same with Obamacare. You don't talk about that much, except your repetitive screech about how all government managed healthcare it is unsustainable. Obama care and Medicare bad, private insurance good. Despite the fact that Obama care is private insurance.



I am so tired of politicians dragging that old dead goat of government can't run anything around the yard. Yet, they seem to be perfectly capable of paying politicians. Along with everyone else that makes this country run. Last time I checked, this country has been running well for over 236 years.

Politicians like Paul Ryan are unconscionable. They are gross caricatures of a Gilded Age politicians. Hypocrites. Beholding to special interests. And in Paul Ryan's case being slapped down by his own Church.

Hey Paul,

How much more could be money could be made (and not stolen from borrowers ) from the US Government doing the same for 1st time home buyers with 300k or less mortgages?


How about a Postal Banking system for lower income folks to save on check cashing fees and curb predatory lending (this is common in other countries).

Did I miss something, or is Paul Ryan all in on predatory lending? Let's all check his website. Because I know his district, and the hardships his constituents face have led them to use those services (abominations in both Jewish and Muslim teachings, and I seem to remember Jesus had a problem with them too). For those of you who don't know the of the horrors of the Paul Ryan representation, let me share. Real simple. Thousands of high paying union jobs lost from GM in Janesville (ironically his hometown-- and he lives in the Parker Brothers Pen mansion-- (another Janesville sad story). Did he put his nuts on the line for his constituents? You be the judge. He lost his hometown in Janesville and Kenosha to Obama... well... apparently those that know him really hate him.

I suppose you could claim the government would inevitably screw it up. Worse than the existing system that collapsed the economy? Hmm...

Really. Think about it. What is the worst case scenario? We bail out ourselves instead of Jamie Dimon?

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At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The IRS has turned loans into income. If we forgave the trillion dollars then the gullible young people would only owe 200 billion in taxes. The halls of ivy can turn out to be one poor investment.


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