Monday, February 18, 2013

"The Number One Thing the U.S. is Subsidizing Is Ignorance" (Lee Camp)


"Most of us don't understand the economy, so Wall Street is allowed to caress it, molest it, and digest it, and then run off with bags of money. Our tax dollars are then used to save these fucking Armani-clad poop farmers when they can't pay their debts."

by Ken

I couldn't resist this newly posted Moment of Clarity from the great Lee Camp, #207.

A couple of nuggets from "The Number One Thing the U.S. is Subsidizing Is Ignorance":
We've subsidized our ignorance. Running out of cheap oil? We begin fracking the fucking frack out of every square foot of the country. What is the consequences? I don't know. You don't know. We don't need to know. Sure, there are reports of earthquakes, and tap water that's now more combustible than Alex Jones sucking helium in a room filled with the parents of Sandy Hook students. "But I've never seen any water catch fire!" And at the end of the day we can run our cars and heat our homes for way cheaper than on the other side of the pond. We've subsidized our ability to ignore reality.
Running out of space to put our garbage? Ship it to people somewhere who would be happy to have our garbage. I mean, that garbage is probably filled with amazing shit! Like clothes that were worn once, and iPods that were thrown out because the color fuchsia isn't popular anymore, and perfectly edible edible underwear -- it's only missing the crotch section. Sure, you'll have to dig through 500 DVD box sets of the Twilight movies before you get to the good stuff, but it'll be in there.
And of course check out the website,, for all matters Lee Camp -- news, interviews, Moments of Clarity, schedule, the book and CDs, and so on.

NOTE: Lee says at the end of MOC #207 that he'll be performing live in the coming weeks . . .

. . . in Boston, Baltimore, and Stowe (VT). Details at If you're within striking distance, you'd be foolish not to check it out.

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At 7:19 PM, Anonymous me said...

Some good ideas in there I guess, but that guy was annoying.

At 7:20 PM, Anonymous me said...

Paul Krugman, he ain't.


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