Monday, February 11, 2013

Can Staten Island Crooked Republican Michael Grimm Handle The Truth?


Mikey Grimm (R-Mafia)

Former Congressman Mike McMahon sat out the 2012 election and let another former Staten Island congressman's son, Mark Murphy, take on one of Congress' most overtly corrupt members, Michael "Mikey Suits" Grimm. Although Obama won the 11th district (51.6-47.3%)-- and even won the more conservative Staten Island 65% part of the district (67,524- 66,420)-- Grimm was reelected 53- 46%, losing in Brooklyn but beating Murphy 53-46% on Staten Island. As my sister, a resident, said, "People know he's a Mafioso... and they like that."

With major encouragement from DCCC head Steve Israel, McMahon is contemplating a comeback bid in 2014. Grimm first beat him as part of the Great Blue Dog Apocalyse of 2010, 51-48%. The DCCC is already targeting Grimm. Grimm, mired in a wide range of public scandals still hasn't been charged with any crimes, but that seems like only a matter of time. His constituents have noticed that he seems distracted from his official duties-- busy keeping law enforcement at bay-- and that he's become wishy-washy on the issues. Two years ago, in his first meeting with John Boehner, he damanded that Members of Congress be allowed to pack heat on the floor of Congress. Grimm, who was given $1,000 by the NRA and has a B+ rating from the gun lobbying group, was shown the door. On January 16 of this year Staten Island's Democratic Party chairman, John Gulino, started needling Grimm for his refusal to support President Obama's very modest gun safety proposals, calling him "missing in action on this important issue. Now he has an opportunity to help enact real solutions that can help save the lives of our children and our families. Congressman Grimm must put aside the blind partisanship he embraces so fervently... and help President Obama pass the legislation... At minimum, there have been 1,000 deaths related to gun violence since the tragedy at Newtown in America. How many more people have to die before House Republicans act on these proposals?"

Stung by the attack, the very next day Grimm took some time out from defending himself from FBI investigators to say he supports the assault weapons ban, a position at odds with the NRA. "The NRA's message," Grimm told local media, "hasn't been good... "I had been leaning toward it. This is a big move for me. I had not been there before. Truthfully, it was the devastation of the families. I think of mothers and fathers now sending their kids to school. If it gives them peace of mind, if it makes people feel better, as part of the healing process, I am comfortable with it. I really want to see a safer America."

Some Republican groups, even besides the NRA, are starting to wonder if Grimm is worth all the money they've spent propping him up. Although he has $241,924 in his campaign coffers right now, he owes close to $600,000, having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to keep from being indicted. And on two of the most high-profile House votes so far this year, Grimm abandoned the conservative position, part of the reason the so-called "Hastert Law" went up in smoke. On January 1, he was one of 85 Republicans voting against going over the so-called "Fiscal Cliff/Curb." 151 Republicans, including most of the Tea Party favorites, opposed Grimm's position. He was also one of only 49 Republicans (with 179 opposed) to go along with President Obama's efforts to help Hurricane Sandy survivors. Again, he voted in opposition to virtually all the Tea Party stalwarts. There are only 29 Republicans who broke with the GOP majority on both bills, an uncomfortable position for Grimm to be in, especially if he winds up, as is likely, with a strong challenger in 2014. In fact, if his legal situation doesn't start clearing up, Staten Island Republicans could start looking for a primary challenger against him as well. His American Conservative Union score (52.0)-- around the same as the scores of Blue Dog Democrats like Jim Matheson and Dan Boren-- is considered a failing grade among Republicans.

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