Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blue Dog Mike McIntyre Finally Draws A Credible Primary Opponent


Mike McIntyre's reelection in November was the last race called-- and the closest call as well. The Republican-dominated North Carolina state legislature had carefully redrawn McIntyre's district in the hope of getting rid of him. NC-07 gave Obama a meager 39.9% of it's votes, one of his worst-performing districts in the state. Republican David Rouzer fought McIntyre to a near draw-- 168,697- 168,042-- in a district where blue areas in Wilimington, Lumberton, his hometown, and Fayetteville (where McIntyre had his 3 district offices in the past), were unceremoniously put into neighboring districts, replaced with bright red chunks of Johnston and Lenoir counties, where Rouzer ran up, respectively massive 60-40% and 62-38% margins.

According to ProgressivePunch, McIntyre has voted more frequently with the GOP against progressive legislation than for it. His dismal lifetime crucial vote score is 45.93, one of the worst for any Democrat. An anti-Choice fanatic, he even votes against the use of contraceptives. He's also one of the last remaining Democrats in the House with a ZERO rating on LGBT equality. The NRA rates him an "A" and donated $5,950 to reelection committee. He was one of the 6 Democrats backed by a racist hate group, ALIPAC, which opposes anyone advocating a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. He not only voted against the Affordable Care Act, he was one of the 3 Democrats to vote to repeal it. But backing Boehner and Cantor is nothing new to him; he was also one of only 5 Democrats to vote for their nihilistic Cut, Cap, and Balance Act, the Republican Party's plan for turning our economy into one just like Greece's, Spain's, Italy's, Portugal's and the rest of the countries suffering under Austerity. This morning McIntyre was only one of two Democrats (both notorious misogynists) who voted for the phony GOP Violence Against Women Act, in effect, the pro-violence bill-- which failed 166-257. Even 60 Republicans voted against it!!

Until 2010 McIntyre breezed to reelection every two years, wracking up gigantic wins. In 2010, he nearly got swept away in the Great Blue Dog Apocalype, when Democratic voters noticed he wasn't really a Democrat and stayed home. The 54-46% win was the closest reelection battle of his career and focused the GOP on him like a laser.

Yesterday I spoke with New Hanover County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield, who has decided to take McIntyre on as a proud Democrat and a supporter of the progressive policies that have worked so well for ordinary families. If McIntyre even runs again, he will face a real primary next year. Barfield, the only Democratic commissioner was just reelected 2 months ago, and has come to many of his political beliefs as a pastor. Listening to him speak about the issues you can tell you're hearing a man who takes Jesus' message to heart in a very personal way. Whether it's the right of women to make their own decisions about their bodies or the LGBT community to enjoy the equality everyone else is entitled to, Barfield is adamant that God offers mankind a choice. And when it comes to politics, he's come down on the side of equality under the law for everyone, including for women's rights to reproductive health.

Even when it comes to President Obama's proposals for new gun safety legislation, Barfield, a supporter of the Second Amendment, is adamant that "military weapons have no place in the hands of civilians." He backs a ban on assault weapons, which clearly puts him at odds with McIntyre, who-- as usual-- backs the extreme right position. Blue America will start vetting him now and we'll get back to this race once we know more about him. So far, I have to say, I'm very impressed.

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At 8:06 PM, Anonymous me said...

The Dems need some party discipline. Scum like him damage the party tremendously. They should be given the boot, and quickly.

At 1:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only problem is that this district has been gerrymandered in such a way that not many Democrats could win in the 7th and once the 7th is lost it will be a long time before the dems could win it back.

At 1:17 PM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

I don't agree that's the way we should look at it. In terms of progressive values, the district is already "lost" with someone like McIntyre in the seat. Unless you're a professional Democrat, he's worthless. What's needed in the 7th is someone willing to work hard to counteract all the poison Hate Talk Radio and Fox uses to brainwash people, not someone who buys into it, McIntyre does more harm inside the Democratic Caucus than good. We're better off without him even if it means a worse Republican is in the seat-- at least the Republican wouldn't be able to drag the House Democrats further right the way McIntyre does.

At 10:50 PM, Blogger Deborah said...

I just donated & will do all I can to help!! A Dem that holds a blue seat but votes GOP is nothing more than a wolf in sheep clothing, does greater harm & needs to be booted in 2014!!


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