Thursday, January 17, 2013

NRA Ally John Barrow (Blue Dog-GA) Attacks President Obama


John Barrow is the NRA's favorite House Democrat. The co-chair of the reactionary Blue Dog caucus takes more money from the NRA than any other Democrat in the House-- and more than many Republicans. And he serves their interests well. Yesterday Barrow was the first Democrat to attack President Obama's modest and very mainstream proposals to curb gun violence. Barrow sounds like he was reading from the same talking points pages that Eric Cantor's office handed out to Republicans. "I support the President's call for stronger enforcement of existing gun crime laws," hedged Barrow, "because that's been the real problem. But I strongly disagree with proposals that would deny law abiding citizens their Second Amendment rights, and I'm disappointed he did not propose increased security measures for our schools.We need to find practical solutions to gun violence that are consistent with the Second Amendment, rather than having another political debate in Washington that divides Americans."

Blue America has long had Barrow in its sites and we plan to continue hammering away at the most Republican Democrat in Congress. It appears that we're being joined this cycle by the fine folks at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV). You can help us beef up our efforts here at ActBlue. The NRA, a lobbying group for weapons and ammunition manufacturers, which gives something like 80% of it's political contributions to right-wing Republicans, started funding Barrow in 2008 with a $7,450 contribution. They gave him another $9,900 in 2010 and $4,950 last year and an equal amount to Barrow's Blue Dog PAC. Most Republicans were given between $1,000 and $3,000 each, not nearly as much as Barrow. But who pays attention when a Republican calls the president "divisive?" Barrow is worth all the cash the NRA sends his way.

Our friends at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence have released that ad above. Barrow is going to wish he had never heard of them-- or the NRA.
One week ago, Barrow declared that “no new [gun] laws will have a big chance of passing in the House.” Yesterday, he commented on President Obama’s reform package, saying, “We need to find practical solutions to gun violence that are consistent with the Second Amendment, rather than having another political debate in Washington that divides Americans."

According to CSGV executive director Josh Horwitz, “Representative John Barrow has decided to put his love of the NRA above his concern for his fellow Americans. That is not acceptable.”

Noting that Barrow has received $27,250 in NRA campaign contributions over his eight-year congressional career, Horwitz added, “Rep. Barrow has been bought for the price of a new truck. It would be laughable if his lack of regard for our families’ safety wasn’t so dangerous.”

The new CSGV video follows on the heels of an ad campaign criticizing Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) for saying the White House's effort to reform our gun laws was "extreme." The Heitkamp ads, signed by four parents who lost their children in mass shootings, bore the simple message, "SHAME ON YOU." They urged Americans to call Senator Heitkamp to express their disgust, and many did. In response, Senator Heitkamp changed her position, declaring, "We have a responsibility to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill."

Horwitz noted that the President’s report is full of proposals that are overwhelmingly supported not only by Americans, but by gun owners. This includes reforms that would require universal background checks on all gun sales, renew the ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines, and eliminate restrictions on federal research into gun violence.
UPDATE: Barrow Is So Busy Playing With Guns That He's Been A Really Bad Father

Barrow's son was arrested in Athens for driving while on drugs at 5:30AM-- a real chip off the old block.
Athens-Clarke police charged James Pentlarge Barrow, 18, with driving under the influence of drugs, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and speeding, all misdemeanors.

...James Barrow lives in Athens. His father, a Democrat from Augusta, is divorced from his mother. An Athens native, John Barrow once served on the Athens-Clarke County Commission.

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