Wednesday, January 30, 2013

At Least Canadian Immigrant Ted Cruz Can Never be Presidente


Texas teabagger Ted Cruz is already making an effort to be the most revolting badass in town. And it's working. He was the first senator out of the box to attack fellow Cuban-American wingnut Marco Rubio and other Republicans for working with Democrats on a comprehensive immigration policy. And yesterday he was one of only 3 reactionaries to vote against confirming John Kerry as Secretary of State. A chickenhawk and spawn of Joe McCarthy himself, Cruz went out of the way to smear two decorated war heroes, Kerry and Chuck Hagel.

And on top of all that, Cruz picked a fight with Rahm Emanuel. I immediately thought of the crocodile vs shark video but I found something else instead that makes the same point (down below). Cruz doesn't want Emanuel coming around Texas. Who could blame him-- and who could care?

Emanuel is working with NYC Mayor Bloomberg to get dangerous firearms off the streets and out of the schools. Cruz, of course, is an ardent advocate of violence, mayhem and lots and lots of dead children-- as long as they're not Catherine Christiane Cruz or Caroline Camille Cruz.
Cruz sent a letter to Emanuel and the heads of two banks and two gun manufacturing companies on Tuesday in response to a call by Emanuel, President Obama's former chief of staff, for the banks to stop lending to the gun makers.

"Your continued anti-gun crusade may well cause some to wonder if the interests of the citizens of Chicago are being sacrificed in pursuit of a partisan agenda," Cruz writes. "Regardless, directing your attack at legitimate firearms manufacturers undermines the Second Amendment rights of millions of Texans. In the future, I would ask that you might keep your efforts to diminish the Bill of Rights north of the Red River."

On Thursday Emanuel wrote to the top executives of Bank of America and TD Bank, respectively, urging them to stop lending to gun manufacturers Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co. In Cruz's response, the junior senator from Texas urges the bank CEOs to come to Texas.

"Both of your companies do considerable business in the City of Chicago, and you may be understandably concerned that there are risks to refusing to comply with the demands of a politician who has earned the nickname, 'The Godfather,' " Cruz writes to the bank chiefs. "In Texas, we have a more modest view of government.

"We do not accept the notion that government officials should behave as bullies, trying to harass or pressure private companies into enlisting in a political lobbying campaign. And we subscribe to the notion, quaint in some quarters, that private companies don't work for elected officials; elected officials work for private citizens.

"In light of the reception you have received in the Windy City, please know that Texas would certainly welcome more of your business and jobs you create," Cruz adds.

And to the gun manufacturers, Cruz offers to introduce their companies to banks in Texas.

"Should Mayor Emanuel's bullying campaign prove successful, I am confident that there are numerous financial institutions in Texas that would be eager to earn your business. And in the event that it might prove helpful, I would be happy to introduce you to their leaders," he writes.

Emanuel has recently been active in pushing stricter gun laws, both in his hometown and at the federal level. He recently appeared at a panel at the Center for American Progress alongside Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on a House task-force for reducing gun violence, to discuss passing new gun restrictions.
Only a vicious political hack like Cruz would consider the fight for gun safety "a partisan agenda." But Texans are long aware of what this guy is all about. As for Emanuel, maybe he ought to slap down his erstwhile ally, NRA shill Debbie Halvorson right there in his own city and running for Congress on a pro-assault weapons platform, before he takes on Cruz.

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