Sunday, October 14, 2012

Would You Invest In Six New Paul Wellstones?


New Paul Wellstones? Don't stay up late looking through the DCCC Red-to-Blue list for one. Steve Israel, Joe Crowley and Debbie Wasserman Schultz aren't looking for reformers or independent thinkers for the Democratic caucus. They're looking for replications of themselves-- slimy, corrupt careerists who do what they're told. A few decent progressives have slipped through onto their list but, over all, if you want more of the sick and degenerate politics in DC that hacks like Boehner, Cantor, Hoyer, Israel and Wasserman Schultz preside over, their list is just right for you.

I've asked you to look at the Blue America list of House candidates before, but today I want to go in a completely different direction-- state legislative races. That IS where the next Paul Wellstone is-- or, hopefully-- Paul Wellstones are-- going to be coming from. And there is literally no one in the United States of America who has been better-- and who has a better track record-- in identifying these leaders than ProgressiveKick. This cycle they've identified 6 rock star progressives running viable races for state legislatures in swing districts across the country. These stupendous six are our future progressive Congressional candidates and the alternative to the politics of corruption enforced by the rotten careerists like Hoyer, Boehner, Wasserman Schultz, Cantor and the rest of the congressional bandits on both sides of the aisle.

Progressive Kick made that awesome video above attacking sleazy GOP incumbent, Greg Brower in Washoe County, Nevada. Beyond ads like that they're financing critical door-to-door canvasses and online advertising in the six states where they have found exemplary progressive leaders running for the state legislature. You can contribute to their efforts here. These are the candidates they're trying to give a boost:

•Shemia Fagan (Oregon House 51)

Shemia is a small business attorney and a member of her local school board. Shemia’s work ethic is exemplified by her rigorous door-to-door canvassing in the district almost until the day she gave birth to her son just a few days ago.

•Zach Dorholt (Minnesota House 14B)

Zach Dorholt is a mental health counselor who helps people get back into the workforce and co-owns a natural foods restaurant with his mom. Zach’s platform includes restoring education funding, supporting workers’ rights and livable wages, investing in sustainable energy sources, ensuring equal rights for everyone, and reforming campaign finance.

•Marci Blaze (New Mexico House 23)

Marci Blaze’s strong progressive ethos includes support for government transparency, clean energy, reproductive choice, raising the minimum wage, early childhood education, & safeguarding seniors.

•Bud Sizemore (Washington House 47-1)

Bud Sizemore’s an 18 year veteran firefighter and city councilman whose priorities include ensuring children’s services, parks & open space, making taxes fairer and of course public safety.

•Sheila Leslie (Nevada Senate 15)

Sheila Leslie is the leading progressive in the entire Nevada legislature, the go-to woman whenever a progressive group needs anything accomplished by the Nevada government. For 14 years she’s been a passionate advocate for child welfare and has fought to protect the state’s environment and achieve better health care for all.

•Daniel Kagan (Colorado House 3)

Daniel Kagan is a successful small businessman & environmental champion who’s been a state rep for three years. He’s fought for public education funding, giving Colorado companies the first crack at state contracts, and increasing jobs training for under- and unemployed people.

Progressive Kick bills itself as "an organization of pragmatic progressives, dedicated to construction of a society that values the needs/rights/responsibilities of all of its members-from the most powerful to the least. Since the most powerful are already being taken care of, our capacity building focuses on the rest of us." They were the first organization to ever introduce Blue America to Rep. Patsy Keever and to help her get elected to the North Carolina legislature. Now she's fighting the good fight in a pretty red district against Wall Street shill Patrick McHenry. I trust Progressive Kick to find the next Patsy Keever-- and the next Paul Wellstone. Again, you can help them accomplish their goals here, through ActBlue.

One more ad, this one about Brian Watson in Colorado:

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