Wednesday, October 03, 2012

New Congressional Ads


Two very different ads for each of the two New Hampshire congressional districts, one up top for Ann Kuster and one directly below this paragraph for Carol Shea-Porter. NH-01 and NH-02 are two of the only districts in the country where the DCCC is supporting independent-minded progressive reformers instead of their usual corrupt conservatives in the image of Steve Israel, Joe Crowley and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. And they just released two good ads targeting the Republican incumbents, Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta. The object is to replace Bass with Ann Kuster and to replace Guinta with Carol Shea-Porter. Both women are currently leading in the polls. But both Republicans are expecting massive infusions of cash from Rove and the Koch brothers. Which ad do you think is most effective?

This next ad isn't from the DCCC. Patrick Murphy's own campaign went for the nuclear option all on their own, although, presumably either with a DCCC green light or a push from Papa Murphy, who calls all the shots there-- probably both. I don't much like Murphy but I love the ad and I think it's a completely appropriate and effective response to the Allen West ad we ran here-- the one showing Murphy as a degenerate drunk-- a few days ago. Murphy is spending something like $175,000 to get this on TV, according to his campaign. 

West, a sadist who built his political following on the far right, by illegally torturing Iraqi civilians, responded with anger. His campaign manager, Tim Edson shot back at Murphy with furor that seems to indicate a nerve was hit: “What kind of man who has never worn the uniform attacks an honorably discharged combat veteran for acting to protect the lives of his soldiers? A desperate man and apparently the same kind of man who calls a decorated combat veteran a coward, hides behind his father’s racist attack ads, gets into drunken bar fights, verbally assaults police officers and then uses his family’s connections to get out of trouble. Patrick Murphy is a spoiled brat and a truly terrible person.”

Meanwhile, Blue America has 7 different radio spots in production, which we'll be sharing with you soon as well as lots and lots of billboards. Remember the old Rob Zerban billboard we had up for months at the Ryan Road exit of the I-94 south of the Milwaukee airport? Same billboard, same spot ... and up starting this weekend until election day. As well as newspaper ads blanketing all the WI-01 small markets. This ad:

And... smaller billboards all over the district, Burma Shave style. Here are just a couple of random examples:

And then we have trucks; I'll tell you about our coast to coast trucks soon--  in fact, I'll show you them soon. If you'd like to help us finance these efforts and help us win a couple of seats for progressives against exceptionally odious Republicans-- think Paul Ryan and Buck McKeon as examples-- who are NOT being considered by the DCCC, here's the place to give. That's our I.E. Committee and there are no limits on the amounts we can accept there. So if you know any rich lefties who aren't under the spell of the DCCC...

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At 1:46 PM, Anonymous robert dagg murphy said...

We always learn more not less. Is is apparent Progressives are learning more about running campaigns. The entire Democratic effort has been far superior to the other guys.

Superior intelligence is all that can save humanity. We've got computers everyone. Truth will win out.


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