Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who Remembers When Boehner And Cantor Said They Would Crack Down On Corruption Inside Their Caucus?


When they took over Congress, Boehner and Cantor publicly crowed about how they would have a zero tolerance policy towards corruption among Republican Members of the House. Republican Members of the House have, by and large, ignored them-- some with a passion. Staten Island mobster Michael "Mikey Suits" Grimm has been on a crime spree since before he took office and California's most prominent crooked Mormon, John Boehner crony Buck McKeon, is drowning in so many corruption scandals that no one can keep track of them all. 

But it looks likely that the first of the batch Boehner and Cantor have protected rather than cracked down on to head off to a federal penitentiary the way Bob Ney and Duke Cunningham did will be David Rivera, aka- "The Gangster." Justin Sternad has finally cracked and admitted to the FBI that Rivera financed and ran his whole phony campaign against Joe Garcia. Again, intrepid investigative journalists Manny Garcia and Marc Caputo broke the story:

Justin Lamar Sternad, whose failed congressional campaign became the subject of a federal grand-jury investigation, has told the FBI that U.S. Rep. David Rivera was secretly behind his run for office, the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald have learned.

Sternad, 35, also told authorities that his campaign manager, Ana Sol Alliegro, acted as the conduit between the campaign and Rivera, who allegedly steered unreported cash to the Democrat’s campaign, according to sources familiar with the investigation and records shared with The Herald.

Sternad said Alliegro referred to the congressman by his initials, “D.R.,” and called him by the nickname, “The Gangster.”

...Sternad’s account to federal authorities supports what two campaign vendors told the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald: that the congressman was the driver behind a botched attempt to plant a candidate in the District 26 congressional primary.

Sternad has acknowledged to the feds that he never met Rivera, the sources said, a point that the Republican congressman has long claimed.

But Sternad-- using Facebook and Twitter-- found pictures of Alliegro and Rivera together and determined that Rivera was the mystery “investor” so enthralled with his candidacy. The political newcomer-- a night-time hotel worker-- said he continued with the scheme because Alliegro told him that “D.R.” would get him a better job to support his wife and five kids if he lost.

Now, instead of a better job, Sternad is facing a possible indictment.

Alliegro is still in hiding from the FBI (or "missing"). Some wonder if Rivera, who has strong connections to organized crime had her silenced permanently. Sternad will either go to prison or cop a plea and testify against Rivera, who, all the polls show, is about to be an "ex-congressman." The real disgrace here is that Boehner and Cantor have broken their word to the American people about keeping their members in check. Although Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have demanded that Rivera (as well as Grimm) keep away from their campaign events, Boehner and Cantor are still backing Rivera (and Grimm and McKeon) and have helped cover up their criminal behavior.

UPDATE: Boehner Pressuring Rivera To Quit

Boehner is finally getting the message. There are reports that he's telling Rivera to drop his reelection bid. Boehner fears Rivera will drag down the whole already-sinking party. Boehner should have thought of hat 6 months ago when it because clear that Rivera had earned his widespread nickname, "The Gangster," many years ago. And if Boehner were serious, he'd be putting the same pressure of Michael Grimm and Buck McKeon now and not be waiting for indictments.

Both political parties consider the race over. The Democratic Party has cancelled their plans to buy several hundred thousand dollars worth of ads for Joe Garcia and the GOP isn't spending a cent to try to turn things around for Rivera.

Boehner & Cantor know just who they work for now

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