Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oily Republicans Frank Guinta, Buck McKeon And Patrick McHenry-- 3 of The Worst


This week Carol Shea-Porter finally embarrassed Frank Guinta into debating her. But Shea-Porter came up against something very odd. This year the GOP-- having already publicly declared that they'll say whatever they want and not care what the fact checkers report-- has a simple theme to their campaigns: lie, lie, lie. It isn't just Romney who says one thing in public when cameras are rolling and another behind closed doors when he doesn't know cameras are rolling. And it isn't just Paul Ryan confirming every day on the campaign trail his well-deserved nickname, Lyin' Ryan. The whole congressional party is lying as well. As you can see on the video above, at the BIA debate, New Hampshire Public Radio moderator Laura Knoy asked Guinta point blank if the Ryan budget (which the House GOP passed with his vote-- as well as the votes of McKeon and McHenry) contains oil and gas subsidies. And his response, a bold-faced, verifiable lie, was "It does not."

How does someone deal with that kind of willful lying? Guinta was well aware he voted to maintain tax-funded subsidies for wealthy campaign donors in the oil and gas industry-- as did McKeon and McHenry. None of their districts have oil industries. But Guinta, McKeon and McHenry have made their own little cottage industries out of sucking up to oil lobbyists and oil executives and getting cash out of them for their campaigns-- or in McKeon's case, to filter back into his household, by paying his wife an unprecedented huge salary out of campaign funds. All three of these corporate shills voted to keep oil subsidies in place and here's what they got in return from Big Oil:
Guinta- $29,250
McHenry- $47,250
McKeon- $31,200

In Guinta's case he voted repeatedly against ending oil subsidies on the Budget Committee mark-ups on the FY 2012 and the FY 2013 budgets. And, along with his McCronies he joined all but 10 Republicans on March 29, 2012 to vote-- again-- for the Ryan Budget. That Budget would end Medicare’s guaranteed benefit while protecting $40 billion in tax breaks for Big Oil. It would provide people earning more than $1 million a year with an average tax cut of $265,000, but middle class families could see their taxes go up by $1,400.

North Carolina state Rep. Patsy Keever, as we said above, is battling it out with one of Wall Street's pet shills, Patrick McHenry. He's never voted against Wall Street or for his own constituents since he managed to slip into Congress. "Paul Ryan, Patrick McHenry and their other extreme Republican colleagues including Buck McKeon," said Patsy yesterday, "have all supported continuing $40 billion worth of tax breaks over the next ten years to big oil companies. In the Ryan Budget, they voted to cut incentives for the production of smart, clean energy methods. This budget does not make sense. America needs to be investing in NEW energy that will create good, non-outsourceable jobs here at home. We do not need to continue to line the pockets of billionaire CEOs at the expense of middle-class families."

If you'd like to help elect Carol Shea-Porter, Patsy Keever and Lee Rogers to replace Guinta & his two crooked McCronies, you can find them all on this page.

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