Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jon Stewart reports on right-wing "Chaos on Bullshit Mountain" -- and Sarah Silverman's seen the mountaintop too


Sarah S, exploring the brave new world of voter-ID
laws, sez: "Look, you want fair, move to Canada!"

"No Photo No Voto": "How 'bout this bullshit? Some students, like in Tennessee, because of the new voter-identification laws will not be able to use their student IDs to vote, but -- and this is amazing -- gun owners can use their firearms permits as ID to vote! It makes perfect sense: Get these kids gun permits! Uh, I feel safer from voter fraud already!" Sarah's arming her nana too! (See

by Ken

Our friend Jack passed along this amazing Sarah Silverman video. It's side-splitting hilarious, but on language grounds I endorse his caution: If you're watching at work, or at a public computer in a libary, be sure to use headphones!

I'm not much of a clip-watcher, so it takes a lot to get me to watch one -- and that much more to get me to pass one along. I must have been presoftened by Sarah S's amazing voter-ID clip when I opened the e-mail from DailyKos's Chris Bowers passing on this message originally posted by Barbara Morrill in "Fox News is about to erupt":
In case you missed it, Wednesday night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart delivered what may be the best 10 minutes and 27 seconds you'll see on TV this entire campaign season. Stop what you're doing and watch it now!
For once, I did as I was told: I stopped what I was doing and watched it now! And am I ever glad I did. And if you haven't seen Jon's report on "Chaos on Bullshit Mountain," I think you'll be glad too.

I do have a caution here as well, though: If you watch, you're going to subject yourself to a parade of mental defectives and hooligans who may collectively call into question your will to go on -- I mean, in a world where all these degenerates freely spew their imbecilic, often psychotic lies and gullible viewers engullify them, what, really, is the point?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Video-clip note: I've already had trouble with the Daily Show clips, which sometimes worked fine and sometimes, well, just kind of disappeared. In case of emergency, use the DailyKos link.

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