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Ever Imagine A Pennsylvania Politician Would Equate Women's Health Care With Pearl Harbor AND 9/11?


About a month ago, I endeavored to introduce DWT readers to the execrable Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) and the Democrat who's running against him, Missa Eaton. Apparently the tubby car salesman didn't feel he had gotten enough attention and decided to make a national spectacle of himself on the very day that the birth control mandate officially became part of the Affordable Care Act. The outsourcing fanatic, hoping to take voters' minds off his horrifying economic record, declared religious freedom dead in America and conflated the gaining of health care coverage for 47 million Americans women with the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. Is Mike Kelly unhinged? Or just trying to get voters in Erie to keep from thinking about his record of shipping their jobs overseas?

Seems a little over the top, no?
"I know in your mind you can think of times when America was attacked. One is December 7th, that's Pearl Harbor day. The other is September 11th, and that's the day of the terrorist attack. I want you to remember August the 1st, 2012, the attack on our religious freedom. That is a day that will live in infamy, along with those other dates."

Healthcare for women... a day of infamy? What is wrong with this freak? Is this just another front in the Republican War Against Women? Here's what Mike Kelly was so pissed off about:
• 2,121,806 Pennsylvania women who will now have access to birth control, diabetes screening, HIV tests and mammograms;

• Pennsylvania women being granted access to potentially life-saving tests and services, without having to worry about costs;

• Pennsylvania women being able to take control of their well-being and make decisions to keep them healthy, catch possibly serious conditions at an earlier state and protect themselves and their families from colossal medical bills.

Like most of his constituents, Missa was flabbergasted by Kelly's crazy diatribe against women. “These comments were despicable, and an insult to every veteran, the families of those killed at Pearl Harbor, and the first responders, victims and families and friends who lost loved ones on 9/11," she told a group of supporters in Butler. "The comparison to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 is ludicrous and compares foreign acts of aggression upon our nation to a piece of domestic legislation that sincerely tries to provide women with access to quality, affordable healthcare. As you know, I come from a military family, and Mike Kelly does too. How he can compare yesterday to a 'day that we lost our religious freedom' is just despicable.  This isn’t about religious freedom, this is about HIV screening, cholesterol screening, HPV testing other medical procedures that keep women healthy. Obviously, a healthy woman isn’t important in the extreme right Republican America. If this doesn’t prove how out of touch he is with every group that lives in this district, nothing will.”

Apparently, nothing will. The next day the pig-headed Kelly was doubling down on the crazy. After other members of Congress whose districts were affected by 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, told him to get a grip on himself and cool it, he started digging himself in deeper.
"The HHS mandate is an undeniable and unprecedented attack on Americans’ First Amendment rights,” his spokesman told

“Our freedoms and way of life have been under attack before, from both internal and external threats," he said. "If we fail to defend our constitutional rights, we risk losing the freedoms that so many brave men and women have given their lives to defend throughout the course of our nation’s history."

If you'd like to help Missa defeat this doofus, please consider making a contribution to her campaign here.

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At 2:52 PM, Blogger gcwall said...

This moron is not interested in religious freedom; his interest is to codify fundamentalist dogma into securlar law. Religions already have all the freedom they need to spew their crazy on their congregations.

At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy is a neanderthal and needs to go back to selling cars. He's a disgrace to the US Congress, and needs to apologize to those he insulted with his B.S. TV sound bites. I have NO respect for this guy.

At 5:48 PM, Anonymous jke101 said...

He inherited the car dealership from his father. Another born on third base republican who thinks he hit it out of the park. How can we Pennsylvanians make such bad choices? Santorum, Corbett, Toomey, Kelly are embarrassments to the state.

At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing represents religious freedom so much as the ability to oppress and suppress the religious freedoms of others. Freedom ain't freedom unless it permits us the freedom to crush our neighbors' freedom under the boot of our ill founded bigotries.


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