Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Corrupt Queens County Hack Joseph Crowley Consolidating Power-- Getting Ready For His Big Move


I don't suppose many people write about Joe Crowley, one of the most corrupt Democrats in Congress. I think he managed to get his House Ethics Committee case thrown out but most powerhouses in both parties can do that fairly easily. The House Ethics Committee only gets serious when the complaint is about a racial minority. Crowley, who lives in Virginia, is the Queens County boss and he never really ran for Congress in a traditional sense. He was just kind of conveniently eased into his seat by the powers that be (retiring Congressman Thomas Manton to be specific). He's the chairman of the Über-corrupt New Dems (the pro-business, anti-consumer/anti-worker wing of the House Democrats, basically, the Blue Dogs without the overt racism and white KKK sheets) and now he wants to rise in the Democratic leadership and has his eyes on the DCCC chairmanship or the caucus vice-chair job as his next step. He's the only Democrat looking at the Speakership who doesn't see himself as the "First Jewish Speaker." He would, however, be the most corrupt Speaker in history. Anyway, like I was saying, not many people write about Crowley; I do. And because I do, his brilliant campaign team sends me all his press releases and all the crap they send his supporters, most of whom are transactional crooks like himself. Here's an invitation I got yesterday to the first event of Lawyers For Crowley:

Politically active New Yorkers," they termed this new group of lawyers getting behind his push for power. But not in the sense that they might be joining the Occupy Wall Street crowd. No, these are the folks on the other side of the barricades... the ones calling the police to break up the demonstrations and crack some skulls. "Congressman Joe Crowley," the e-mail assured me, "is the fastest rising star in New York politics and he is excited to have the support of one of our city's most important industries. He is Chairman of the Queens County Democrats, Chairman of the New Democrat Coalition, serves on the Ways and Means Committee and is the Democrats Chief Deputy Whip. Lawyers for Crowley is putting together their first event ever on Sept. 10-- a breakfast fundraiser-- and we would love to have you join the 'Host Committee'. Please consider contributing $1000 or more and have your name listed as part of this group."

When the DCCC asks for a contribution to "win back the House," they don't really care much about actually winning back the House. What they really care about is advancing the internal caucus careers of corrupt insiders like Joe Crowley and Steve Israel. Are they as bad as Republicans? Yes-- same shit.

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At 9:19 PM, Anonymous brian said...

thanks for this blog. ive done political nonpartisan work in queens in recent past and have collaborated w crowley. i tried finding some dirt on him and though your blog doesnt provide proof/evidence I do see where your coming from. im considering green party candidate gronowicz.
thanks - college aged east elmhurst resident


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