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EMILY's List Starting To Wise Up In New Hampshire Gubernatorial Race?


Jackie Cilley & the ConservaDem EMILY's List candidate

Last time I wrote about this race, there was such a commotion from a Hassan staffer that it made me want to stop writing about the race. But, of course, that's exactly what they wanted. So... be careful of the craziness and incivility about to ensue in the comments section.

All things being equal-- or even quasi-equal-- EMILY's List always opts for the more conservative Big Money-oriented candidate in primaries. That's what the once proud progressive organization has degenerated into since becoming a mainstay of DC's contemptible Village. But-- perhaps because of pressures external to the company that they feel could hurt their unending fundraising-- EMILY's List looks like it may be backing away, a teensy-weensy bit, from one of its lamer endorsements of the cycle, Liebermanoid "centrist" Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire's gubernatorial race. Many EMILY's List women in New Hampshire aren't pleased that they picked Hassan over the more progressive (and stronger) candidate, Jackie Cilley.

Earlier this week saw a couple of pretty big union announce they are backing Cilley. Joining the SEIU, the state's largest safety forces unions (New England Police Benevolent Association and the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire) endorsed her over "No Labels"/EMILY's List ConservaDem Maggie Hassan.

One of the things we don't like so much about Hassan-- and feel disqualifies her for the Governor's job-- was her willingness to sign a right-wing tax pledge. But lost among the news of labor increasingly lining up behind Jackie Cilley were a couple of articles that suggested that EMILY's List is cutting their losses in New Hampshire and dumping Hassan.
Wednesday, EMILY's List put out a polling memo that found, unsurprisingly, that 52% of the voting public (women) might just have a significant impact on this Fall's election. Having come to grips with this stupendous news, I read further in the polling memo and a subsequent ForbesWoman piece about this and other polls.
What we found was fascinating. The poll, conducted Democratic pollster Lisa Grove, took the pulse of independent female voters across 13 EMILY’s List battleground states: Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida.
The reason they are polling in some of these states is obvious. Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida are all either routinely or often pointed to as swing states. Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Minnesota-- all pretty D and not very swingy-- have Senate races in which EMILY's List is heavily invested. But where's New Hampshire?
Everyone from the New York Times to Limbaugh agrees that the Granite State will be swingy, indeed, it represents Romney's only real chance to pick up electoral votes east of the Hudson. A stack of public polls since April have shown that, in spite of outspending Cilley 5-to-one, Hassan been unable to establish a lead, essentially tying Cilley in spite of her institutional advantages. One might, especially if one were considering spending money in a race like this, suspect that Maggie Hassan doesn't have what it takes to win this thing.
EMILY's List's work with Hassan hasn't exactly set the world on fire. A visit to Netroots Nation with Stephanie Shriock garnered almost no blog attention at all and her events with big-deal guests like Ms. Shriock and retiring Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, another highly unpopular ConservaDem, have been low-key sparsely-attended affairs. Who knows? Maybe someone over at EMILY's List is starting to understand the folly of throwing good money after bad. While Hassan been trying to attach No Labels to herself, perhaps the only one that will stick is "loser."

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At 6:38 AM, Blogger Chaz Proulx said...


A few corrections are in order.

Please take a look at this


This is one of many articles I've written over the years attacking the right wing pledge you claim (erroneously) that Maggie Hassan signed. In this instance I confronted Grover Norquist himself.

I could send you a video of this and many links to many articles if you doubt me. People in NH know this about me.

Now for the truth. Maggie Hassan did not sign any right wing pledge. She gave a personal pledge to the people of NH--much the same way that candidates pledge to preserve abortion rights or to fight vouchers that undermine public education.

This is not a distinction without a difference. It's fair game to disagree with Maggie on tax and revenue policy, but let's be truthful.

Maggie Hassan is one of those wonderful, dedicated and brilliant people you meet in politics every once in a while. That's why I support her.

At 10:18 AM, Anonymous SkyGod said...

Chaz. Just give it up now, it's only going to end with a string of back and forth and your going to realize you can't make a case and give up. Go play in your "Inside The Washington D.C. Beltway Boys For Maggie" band and save yourself the aggravation!

At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Pastafarian said...

Hassan didn't sign the Norquist pledge, but she took the NH Republican pledge. She took the Thomson/Loeb veto a state income/sales tax pledge. When Craig Benson took the same pledge did you call it "a pledge to the people?" It's a distinction only in the minds of those who are trying desperately to invent one.

When does No Labels get a run through this spin cycle?

At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Caroline L. French said...

NH voters, notice something important in the photo. Companies who come here to bottle our water and mess with our water table are about as welcomed as outside special interests messing with our elections. Jackie represented such a town, Nottingham when she was senator. Jackie is drinking tap water from a cup in this photo the way she always does because NH water is important to her. Her senate campaign manager, Bill McCann, kept telling us "water is life." It is.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Chaz Proulx said...

Craig Benson signed the Norquist Pledge. I wrote about it in "The Truth About the Coalition Of New Hampshire Taxpayers"

You can still find that on the internet. Right wing extremest Ed Naile the founder of CHNT, was a pal of Norquist and personally introduced Benson to Norquist.

At 11:23 AM, Blogger Chaz Proulx said...

Fact Check. Howie, you refer to me as a “Hassan Staffer”

I am not and have never been a staffer on Maggie’s Campaign. Same goes for Howard Dean’s campaign and at least fifty others here in NH.

My “title” in Maggie’s campaign is grass roots co-chair. I’ve always played a grass root role in NH.

Heck--I’m 63 years old and last week I climbed up and down a 40 foot ladder pressure washing, scraping, priming, re-nailing and painting a house I’m working on. Hard labor in other words. I’m also a lifelong bar musician ( who never sold out by the way if that’s a badge of courage.) In the winter I teach skiing.

What is most disturbing is that I described myself as a “volunteer” previously. Plus I sent you a personal e-mail which you never responded to. If you had you might have found that we have a lot in common and that I have a sense of humor. I think we could both benefit from an honest conversation.

In the meantime, please show enough respect to at least attempt to get your facts straight. Everyone is entitled to mistakes, but deliberately misleading readers is not a mistake.

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous pastafarian said...

Benson took both pledges. Norquist and Loeb/Thomson.

Do we not count Benson's signing of the NH pledge because it was a "pledge to the people?"

There's a lot of stuff on the internet.

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Chaz Proulx said...


Re: No labels spin cycle.

As it turns out today's New York Times published and article about presidential powers and a plan promoted by No Labels to cut through our current grid lock via procedural remedies.

Personally, my gut is uncomfortable with No Labels. But I am intellectually curious enough to read this article with interest.

And speaking of "labels'. The labels I'm seeing associated with me and Maggie and any number of long time progressive supporters makes me think no labels would be a good idea here at Down With Tyranny.


Could we all lighten up please.

At 12:27 PM, Anonymous SkyGod said...

Chaz, your candidate, Maggie Hassan aligned herself very early on, after her 2010 loss, with No Labels. Isint it funny how they now come out and want an end to "pledge politics". Maggie should be doing the same as Jackie Cilkey and calling for an end to the " Republican" pledge. Whether she "signed" it or not she is in favor of it.

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure Howie meant no disrespect by calling you a "staffer" Chaz. With Maggie having the most paid staff of the governors race, you could see how a mistake could be made. Amazing with all that paid staff the endorsements aren't coming through for her. Even the polls show Jackie ahead. I think it's time for Ms Hassan to act like Mr. Trump and say "your fired"

At 12:50 PM, Anonymous You Don't Send Me Flowers said...

This Chaz dude calls Klein a liar, and then wonders why he doesn't write or call?


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