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Why Does Paul Ryan Hate And Fear The Message Jesus Christ Brought Mankind?


Sometimes people think I'm exaggerating when I talk about conservatives wanting to kill off democracy. Those people haven't studied history. Conservatives have always feared and hated democracy and it's no different today than it was any other time. The moneyed interested think they're worth more than the rest of us and that they're entitled to run the government to benefit themselves. This past week you may have seen there was an elite get together in Colorado. While the fire fighters were struggling valiantly to contain the wild fires that were devastating one part of the state, paid hacks of the plutocracy were munching on shrimp cocktails and chit-chatting at the Aspen Ideas Festival. And at least one participant came up with a smashing idea... this whole universal suffrage thing just does not work. It was a two-part thesis:
The first was that some people simply are not ready for democracy. They have no functional conception of the state in their minds, much less an understanding of representative, deliberative democracy. Some are so poor that they can be bribed to vote this way or that for "five dollars," he said. The application of the principle of universal suffrage was not a recipe for successful government in these circumstances, the speaker argued.

The second point of his argument was that the developed Western democracies did not start out with universal suffrage. Almost all allowed only a portion of their citizens to vote at first, only slowly expanding the right to participate in elections over the course of decades. Why force the developing world into instant universal suffrage?

No doubt the Koch brothers will be eager to underwrite the development of that thesis. And no doubt there will be few Republicans who wouldn't be happy to embrace it-- and perhaps more than a few Blue Dog type Democrats as well. After all, Paul Ryan based his whole budget on similar premises, premises he got directly from the goddess he worships with so much fervour, Ayn Rand. And how can anyone even think of Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan without acknowledging the frightening novel by Stephen Goldstein, Atlas Drugged, which takes us into a future where Randian politicians like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have captured the government? Here's an excerpt about a workshop being offered that helps explain the mentality of people like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and what they're trying to do to this country.
“I am so proud of ‘A World without Pity.’ We offered it last month for the first time and it has had rave reviews. It is four power-packed sessions, like all of our workshops. But it’s unique because of the field component. I’m so excited when I talk about it that I get ahead of myself. First, the goal of the program is to free participants of the emotion of pity. They get to see that it is one of the roots of all evil. They get to recognize how it saps their creativity, most often without their even realizing it. Through a simple but powerful process, participants discover how pity cripples those who pity and those who are pitied. Homework, the field component, is so exciting. Participants have to go out into the world around them and make a list of every situation in which they find themselves showing any signs of compassion, caring, feeling-- anything on the continuum of pity. Then, they learn how to work through it. One of my favorite exercises is called ‘Laugh ’til it hurts.’ It’s so simple. Participants take turns describing a pitiful situation of their choosing-- and then the whole group laughs at it. It works like a charm! At the end of four weeks, they understand that they don’t have to think twice about anyone else. They are truly free for the first time in their lives. They understand that pity is for suckers and charity is for dupes. And they’ve developed senses of humor. “We’re two weeks into the first offering of our ‘Profit without Pity’ workshop, and we’re already getting rave reviews. It’s a natural follow-up to ‘A World without Pity.’ Participants say their lives are completely transformed. Once they understand the power of living without pity-- that they don’t owe anybody else anything, and nobody owes them anything-- they are liberated to take everything they want when they want it wherever they find it, without answering to anyone. They’ve learned to see greed and selfishness as positives-- and to be proud to be called grasping and self-centered. At the end of four sessions, they’ll actually speak a different language. It’s that powerful. As the song goes, they’ll ‘accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, and not mess with Mr. Inbetween.’ They’ll have a whole set of empowering mantras, like ‘My ends justify my means’ and ‘Winner takes it all.’

Here's how Mitt Romney has put these principles and values into practice in his own life, something he beleives qualifies him to be President of the United States.

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