Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's A Bigger Wisconsin Problem-- Scott Walker Or Paul Ryan?


Made by Koch Industries-- like Angel Soft toilet paper

Something over 100,000 signatures have been counted on the recall petitions for Wisconsin Koched-up fascist Scott Walker... in just 4 days. No doubt that's why right wing thugs have taken to threats of violence to protect their gains against the forces of democracy.

The fight to recall Walker and the battle to keep retiring Senator Herb Kohl's seat blue-- by electing Tammy Baldwin-- are taking up all the oxygen in the room. But we can't lose track of how crucial it is, not just for Wisconsin, but for all of America to stop Paul Ryan. More than anyone else, he is the political spokesperson for the 1% and Wall Street has every intention of seeing him all the way to the White House. There can't be anything in American politics more important that ending Ryan's career.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party, possibly at the direction of the DCCC, has never seriously taken on any of Ryan's reelection bids. In a district that was won by Obama over McCain, the Democrats have actually prevented serious candidates from taking on Ryan. This year that has changed. Although the DCCC won't lift a finger to help, the Wisconsin Democratic Party has rallied behind Kenosha County Supervisor Rob Zerban, a thoughtful progressive who is making inroads where Democrats have never even tried. Sunday Rob penned an OpEd for a local newspaper, making his case:
How did we get here? Why as a nation are we talking about what we can cut from people instead of what we need to grow our economy?

There is one man primarily responsible for leading our national discussion in the wrong direction-- Paul Ryan. He has championed selfishness among the wealthy and absolved them of any responsibility for their neighbors or to pitch in to help this country.

Paul Ryan is relentlessly focused on slashing our safety net instead of fixing this economy. If you dare to question Paul Ryan about his cuts to Social Security, you could get tackled and arrested. That happened a few months ago to an elderly constituent and you can watch the video right here.

This situation is out of control! We are seeing uprisings across the country. These are the men and women who educate our children, they built our homes, they built and fix our cars, they make the trains run on time, they deliver your mail and pick up your trash. This mess is not their fault and this effort by Paul Ryan to blame the middle class for this economy is dishonest.

Paul Ryan's philosophy has failed us all. It is time for him to step aside and let me do a better job. The time has come for a change of philosophy and a change of leadership.

I started two small businesses and love that in America we can be entrepreneurs and can create wealth. But this opportunity comes with responsibility. There are rules and because of Republican deregulation, no one was watching to make sure these rules were followed. Now, across the country we have lost trillions of dollars of investments and real estate values have plummeted because people like Paul Ryan thought it was wrong to regulate.

Let's make a statement. Let's make history together. Let's remove Ryan from office and inspire the nation with this victory.

I am working to get our national focus back to how we can help, not how we can cut. Let's remember that we are talking about our neighbors, friends, and families, and they deserve our respect and our support. Our way out of this crisis is to work together and we need a Congress that solves problems, not creates them.

Selfishness has failed us and it is time for a new set of values. Let's start right here and right now.

If you'd like to help Rob in his battle against Wall Street and the Koch's in taking down their prized politician, you can do it at Blue America's Stop Paul Ryan page. Contributions to Rob go directly to Rob's campaign so he can get his message out in southeast Wisconsin. Contributions to Blue America on that page will go for our own uncoordinated little surprises for Congressman Ryan as the campaign kicks into high gear next year.

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At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to a story published in the Racine Journal Times back in June (http://www.journaltimes.com/news/local/article_83f9859e-8f29-11e0-8840-001cc4c002e0.html), putative ex-blue dog Steve Israel was supporting Rob Zerban both on MSNBC and on HuffPo.

The article noted that this was the first time the DCCC has ever offered even the most tepid kind of support for a candidate challenging Ryan.

Is Steve Israel having a sudden attack of good sense, ethics, or what?

At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Bula said...

I live in WI-01. Haven't heard anything out of either camp yet. No ads, no signs, just some e-mails.

Rob needs to attack early and often to take advantage of any Democratic momentum during the Walker recall petition cycle. Get in front of it, attack all things Republican, and get some free airtime.

Get him on Maddow or Hayes show to get him some exposure....

Work the levers Howie...


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