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Meet Joe Miklosi (D-CO) The Guy Who Can Rid The House Of Mike Coffman


Somehow I got sucked into some classic Inside-the-Beltway political committee that wastes a lot of time and gets nothing done. I wanted to quit after the first meeting but I let Digby talk me into sticking with it. It's kind of a sociological experiment for me but months later the committee still hasn't done a thing but waste time... but through one of the members I met an extraordinary candidate for Congress, Joe Miklosi, that has made the ordeal almost worthwhile. Joe's running against deranged wing-nut Mike Coffman in a suburban/exurban Denver district that used to be the domain of Tom Tancredo. I know you'll find this hard to believe but {{Mike Coffman}} is actually worse than Tancredo! I asked Joe to introduce himself to DWT readers with a guest post about how the campaign is shaping up:


by Rep. Joe Miklosi
candidate for Congress, CO-6

It’s inspiring to be part of progressive change in Colorado-- to watch it go from solid red to now purple, with a bright blue future. Progressives are succeeding in Colorado because they’re fighting to keep the American dream alive by stabilizing the middle-class and protecting vital safety nets for the most vulnerable in our society.

Just 12 years ago, Colorado was a distinctly red state with Republicans in control of both Senate seats, five out of seven Congressional seats, the Governorship, the state House and Senate, and George Bush carrying the state over Al Gore by eight points.

I have spent the last decade fighting to promote progressive values in Colorado. We’ve stood steadfast with those who are squeezed between Wall Street elites and an unresponsive government bureaucracy. Our dedication to individual empowerment and our commitment to fairness is reflected in a bluer Colorado.

Today, Colorado is a purple state beaming with blue anticipation and a host of fresh progressive leadership. As the State Director for Progressive Majority from 2005-2007, I helped recruit, train, and elect nearly 50 local and state progressive candidates. In 2004, I served as the Executive Director for the House Majority Project that won control of the State House for the first time in 40 years. In 2008, I became a candidate myself and was elected and re-elected to the Colorado State House of Representatives.

Because of our progressive success, Colorado is stronger, more vibrant, and more livable. While keeping our state budget fiscally sound, our continued support for industries such as renewable energy and biotechnology has resulted in 5,000 new companies. Due to progressive leadership, 13,500 low-income children now receive school breakfast so they can focus their energy on learning instead of when and where they’ll have their next meal.

We must continue to advance these progressive values. That is why I sponsored the Colorado Dream Act.

Last year, I sponsored two job fairs that helped put people to work. It was a humbling and rewarding experience to see 300 people looking for jobs. It was also an opportunity for leadership without legislation and I am grateful I could help my community.

I’m running in Colorado’s new 6th congressional district, which has been represented by Tom Tancredo and Mike Coffman. Both have relentlessly pursued a radical social agenda characterized by narrow political views that appeal only to a Tea Party base. Vast segments of the population are un-served, voiceless, and unrepresented. That must end now.

Redistricting has afforded us a unique opportunity to reject the extreme and ultra-conservative proposals that have dominated the Coffman/Tancredo era. Now is the time to oust a radical Congressman who just declared Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. We will reject my opponent’s disenfranchisement of people from communities of color, reject their efforts to pull the ladder up from behind them by repealing GI benefits for college education (even though Coffman himself went to college on the GI bill). We will reject efforts to destroy Medicare so that elitist tax loopholes can be protected. And we will reject my opponent’s commitment to ensure dependence on big oil-- his major contributor.

Energy policy is one of the most important issues in this campaign. The next time you hear the chant "Drill Baby Drill!” I hope you will join me with the call to “Build Baby Build!”

We must build an energy infrastructure for the next generation. We can put thousands of Americans to work building a world class energy grid, clean and renewable energy production, and energy efficient products for our daily lives.

Our dependence on foreign oil has been a defining issue since the 1970s, and our leaders are defined by their failure to act boldly. We cannot truly empower individuals if we are collectively held hostage by foreign energy. Foreign control of energy prices disrupts businesses and families, stagnates economic growth, and undermines cleaner, renewable energy industries.

The billions of dollars we lose each year are directly tied to our staggering trade deficits. Energy independence is both an economic empowerment and national security issue.

The American Dream is slipping away for many in America but we can reverse this trend. The promise and possibility of a better and fuller life based on one’s ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth is what the American Dream is all about.

I'm running for Congress – because together with you-- we can restore the American Dream. We can restore job growth. And we can restore economic growth. We can bring real voices and real solutions to Washington. The hard work and progressive principles that are working for Colorado can work for America.

We’re at a critical crossroads in this country. We need your time, talent, and treasure more than ever. Join us so we can work together to restore the American Dream! Learn more at www.JoeMiklosi.com.

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