Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is It Hard For You To Imagine Why Iran Might Not Trust America? It Shouldn't Be


I passed by a TV last week that had on some MSNBC show with their in-house Nazi Pat Buchanan pontificating about what a wonderful world it would be if Hillary Clinton was president instead of Obama. It was a discussion between him and Tweety and I wasn't paying attention at all until they started talking about how Hillary would have been so wonderful and macho and would have attacked Iran by now. I wish I had taped it.

I visited Iran twice. The first time was in the summer of 1969 when I drove there from London in a VW van. I loved the place-- and discovered pomegranate juice for the first time. It was 16 years after the CIA overthrew it's first-- a model as it turned out-- civilian government, toppling the enormously popular Mohammed Mosaddegh in favor of an illegitimate "royal" family, and 10 years before the Iranian people were finally able to throw off the yoke of the CIA and the "royal" predators.

Many Americans were upset yesterday by the harsh sentences given the two U.S. hikers who strayed into Iranian territory a few years ago, Shane Bauer and Joshua Fattal. And, no doubt warming Buchanan's fascist heart, Hillary's spokesperson demanded they be released. CNN and other U.S. government propaganda sources say they were just carefree lovers of travel wandering around the lovely mountains and borderlands between eastern Iraq and western Iran, immersing themselves in other cultures. Iran says they are spies. Why all the mistrust? After all, it wasn't that many years ago that Iran was our bestest buddy in the whole Mideast, aside from Israel-- and those two were practically married too. I've been reading Glen Yeadon's book, Nazi Hydra In America and there's a chapter about how the CIA recruited a whole lot of Nazis after the way to work for it in various capacities, including that of helping overthrow governments that were deemed unfriendly to American corporate power. Iran was the first.
Kermit Roosevelt, grandson of Teddy Roosevelt was the CIA's agent in Iran that installed the Shah and overthrew Mossadegh. The plans issued by Mossadegh for nationalizing the oil fields precipitated his removal. The reader should understand that Mossadegh had been elected to office. Once the Shah was in power he was persuaded to name Fazlollah Zaledi as Prime Minister. During WWII Zaledi was imprisoned for collaborating with the Nazis. Once firmly in control Iran completed a contract with an international consortium of oil companies. One member of that consortium was Standard Oil of New Jersey, a client of Sullivan and Cromwell. Jack Anderson reported that the Rockefeller family had helped arranged the coup that brought the Shah to power. Anderson had listed a number of ways the Shah demonstrated his appreciation. The CIA also provided training for the dreaded Savak or secret police of Iran.

...The result over the next two decades was the Shah enriched himself at the expense of his fellow countrymen using the brutal Savak to maintain control. Of course he remained a loyal ally of the US and corporate America such as Standard Oil of New Jersey got pricing breaks... The reader can now see the pattern, first the legally elected leader purposes reforms or maybe leaning to the left in a move that threatens corporate America. He is then dispelled and replaced with a hard right leader favorable to US [corporate] interests. The new leader enriches himself at the expense of his fellow countrymen and becomes an ally of the US. He maintains power through brutality and outright murder with a police force trained by the US. This then is the model that the US has followed since WWII, often times in the 1950s ex Nazis were employed as agents. The US press should be considered a co-conspirator in that they cover up the bloodshed by ignoring the killing as they did in Nicaragua. It is a model that has been repeated time after time in all corners of the globe from the end of WWII to the present time. Noam Chomsky terms the resulting state as subfascist. The resulting brutality and looting of the country by a group of elitists proceeds as it did in Germany under the Nazis.

Everyone knows what karma means, right? This clip is worth taking a look at:

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