Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Can't End Well... Continuing Resolutions Is A Really Bad Way To Govern America


Obama better get control of America back from this runaway mob of dangerous and delusional teabaggy nincompoops who question his legitimacy to run America because his father was black (and because he's a Democrat). A Conservative Consensus of mostly right-wing and middle of the road (and cowardly) Democrats and the bulk of the Establishment GOP passed another C.R. yesterday 271-158. Earlier the Democrats offered a motion to recommit that would protect Social Security and Medicare from the GOP/Nig Business chopping block. Once and future Speaker Pelosi's blog laid out what was at stake. The Democratic motion would protect "the Social Security and Medicare benefits Americans have earned through a lifetime of work by ensuring none of the funds in the short-term Continuing Resolution can be used to privatize and cut Social Security, reduce Medicare and turn it into a voucher program, or roll back health coverage for seniors." Every single Democrat voted for it-- even the worst of the Blue Dog corporate shills-- and only one Republican had the cajones to break with Boehner and Cantor, Walter Jones of North Carolina. It failed 190-239. Nice-- as well as incredibly rare-- to see the entire caucus stick together on something that really matters and that does differentiate the two parties. It's the opposite of what happened when the actual vote on the Continuing Resolution came up.

The Conservative Consensus that passed it included all the Blue Dogs and most of the most corporately-oriented Democrats (85 of them-- with, naturally, Hoyer leading the charge) and the conservative heart of the GOP, the Boehner-people. The Republican reactionaries and teabaggers who are dying to shut down the government, goaded on by Pence and other dangerous radicals, voted NO-- you know, your Michele Bachmanns, Louie Gohmerts, Alan Wests, Steve Kings, Mean Jean Schmidts-- as did most Democrats who worry it gives away too much of the social safety net to the Republican shredding machine. Pelosi led this larger cohort of the Democratic caucus, which included most of the Progressive Causus.

Needless to say, Dan Lipinski was part of the Conservative Consensus Boehner knew he could count on. Boehner knows he can always count on Lipinski; they're cut from the same cloth, both traitors to their working class roots, corrupted years and years ago, never to look back. Last week DWT endorsed progressive Democrat John Atkinson in his bid to win the nomination for the seat Lipinski is currently holding. After the vote yesterday Atkinson posted this on his Facebook page:
The time has come to get to work on job creation, education and on ensuring a competitive and innovative American future. By continuing to feed the Republican's addiction to imposing a narrow ideological social agenda at the expense of everything else, Congressman Lipinski, and radical Tea Party Republicans conspire once again. Today's continuing resolution delays an open discussion about the real concerns of the American people; jobs and the future. It plays into the hands of those who want to eliminate family planning, gut women's healthcare, impose job crushing taxes on employer's who provide healthcare and other divisive partisan objectives. We need to work together to solve big problems. It's time for the Republicans to defend how their relentless focus on re-fighting the culture wars of the 80's increases job-growth, prepares our kids for the future, or solves our long-term budget issues.

When John Atkinson wins the seat, you'll know you have a Democrat there, fighting for the interests of working families and small entrepreneurs, instead of for the multinational corporate monopolies that are inherently against everything America has stood for and cherished since we threw out the British colonial masters. There's no doubt which side Lipinski, or any conservatives, would take if it were the late 1770s.

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