Monday, September 26, 2011

How much do you know about Christina Hendricks of "Mad Men"?


Christina Hendricks as Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office manager Joan Harris with Jared Harris as agency partner Lane Pryce in Episode 2 of Season 4 of Mad Men

by Ken

I don't know how much good it does the shows, but AMC's blog team continues to turn out terrific material for the network's offerings (again, you can sign up online for free e-notifications of new items from any or all of the AMC blogs), notably the two big series, Mad Men and Breaking Bad. The latest offering, by the team's Matthew Klein, is one of their quizzes, this one concerning Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan, Mad Men's matchless office manager. I knew going in that I knew hardly anything about Hendricks, and the only way to extract information -- which I wanted to do, because if you can get past her pretty stunning looks, she's a terrific actress, and has given Joan all kinds of fascinating dimension -- was to take the quiz, which meant mostly blindly guessing among shows and groups I've never heard of. For the record, I actually got two answers right, which seems about right on a multiple-choice-probability basis.

Here's a question I liked because it had something to do with Mad Men:
Which Mad Men co-star introduced Hendricks to her future husband, Geoffrey Arend?

* Aaron Staton (Ken Cosgrove)
* John Slattery (Roger Sterling)
* Jon Hamm (Don Draper)
* Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell)
I like to think there was some deduction involved, but it was more likely luck that this was one of the two answers -- out of 11 -- I got right. (The answer is Vincent Kartheiser.)

Geoffrey Arend plays slightly goofy "forensic pathology fellow" Ethan Gross (right) on ABC's Dana Delany-starring Body of Proof. (He's seen here with Nicholas Bishop as cop-turned-"medicolegal investigator" Peter Dunlop and Delany as neurosurgeon-turned-medical examiner Megan Hunt.) For the record, the AMC answer adds: "Hendricks and Arend were married on October 11, 2009, at their favorite restaurant, Il Buco in New York City."


The AMC Breaking Bad blog team serves up Eli Rosenberg's interview with Christopher Cousins, who plays Skyler White's former boss Ted Beneke -- right after airing of the episode, "Crawl Space," in which Ted's long-simmering tax and legal troubles became a central plot matter.

Here's a sample:
Q: Ted is arguably one of the better-dressed characters on the show. Is Ted's style like your own?

A: No, I hang out in T-shirts and jeans -- I'm a painter. I've never been a businessman, but I always play professional, wealthy people. I am a professional person, but believe me, I'm not that wealthy.

Q: Ted leases a car so he can feel like an important businessman again. If you lost everything you owned, what's the first thing you would go out and buy so you felt like you again?

A: I spend most of my money on art supplies! Listen, though, just to defend Ted, it's important in many instances to project the image of success; it's the world we live in. Like years ago, when I was younger, my agent used to always get mad at me because my hair was kind of shaggy. They were always, like, you've got to dress better and cut your hair. I ended up being more aware of how I presented myself in auditions, and I'm sure it helped.

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At 5:18 AM, Anonymous Lee said...


AMC is doing a lot of interesting things these days.Both Mad Men and Breaking Bad stream on Netflix. Cable is losing TV and consumers like me hate that I have over 1000 channels and very little to watch. I want a la carte choices to pick my channels and the ability to watch online.

Christina Hendricks is wonderful but she's in good company with other fantastic actors and writing. The Mad Men episode The Suitcase was the single best writing I have ever seen on TV.

At 8:53 AM, Blogger KenInNY said...

You won't get any argument from me about the quality of the writing and acting of Mad Men, Lee! At some point -- maybe when the current Breaking Bad season finishes -- I plan to buckle down and rewatch the whole of the series to be ready for the new season, whenever it comes in 2012. And I'll keep a watch out for "The Suitcase"!



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