Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bill White Is No Nathan Myhrvold


Each day I get up and go through e-mails, looking for stuff I can delete without opening. One batch of easily deletable e-mails, spam, comes from political campaigns I'm not following and don't care about. And one of those campaigns is that of the conservative Democrat running for governor of Texas, Bill White. I suppose I should have asked his campaign to take me off their list but I never got around to asking them and a few dozen other candidates to stop filling my box up with spam. This morning however, just as I was about to click delete on a Bill White e-mail I glanced at the title, FOX: Bill White opposes cap and trade. Now White is running against one of the most reprehensible men in American politics, Rick Perry, a closet case driven insane by a psychosis so dark and ugly that he would be truly a danger were he to ever get any power. Fortunately, as we found out when George Bush held the job, the governor of Texas holds a largely ceremonial position. I hope Rick Perry loses and I doubt it would make anyone's life any better were Bill White to win. The race isn't on my radar. But Global Warming is. So I opened White's spam. He cites Fox as a validater of the fact that he's nearly as reactionary and out-of-touch as Rick Perry on the whole topic of climate change and energy.
On Friday, Houston's FOX 26 News reported on Rick Perry's lies about Bill White's position on cap and trade. Bill White does not support cap and trade, and Rick Perry just can't seem to tell the truth.

Click here to read the article and watch the news segment.

Perry's false claims about Bill White and cap and trade have been rated "Pants on Fire" lies-- twice-- by the independent fact checking website But Perry keeps citing a letter Bill White wrote that makes the case for four different energy solutions and gives a warning about cap and trade.

Well, four veterans of the energy and political arena reviewed the letter for FOX 26 and none of them agreed with Perry, reinforcing again the fact that Rick Perry is lying about Bill White's record.

Texans want a governor who shoots straight.

Literally. Oh, there are millions of Texans who are normal, clear-headed Americans... even outside of Austin. Houston is filled with them. So are Dallas and Fort Worth. San Antonio as well. But there are more millions who are batshit crazy, resentful of facts, driven mad by fake religions and so angry at their miserable unfulfilled lives that they take it out on everyone else by voting for people like George Bush and Rick Perry. 4,479,328 of them (55% of voters) pulled the lever or touched the screen for John McCain in 2008.

Here's how the article cited by White's campaign contrasts his energy views with the man he is well aware is a dangerous sociopath, Rick Perry:
Texas sits on a third of U.S. domestic oil supply and produces more than 30 percent of the country's natural gas.

These fossil fuels have come under fire from President Obama's administration, which seeks to reduce global warming by placing a governmental cap on total carbon emissions. The government would then issue a limited amount of pollution credits that could be traded between major energy consumers.

Those who produce so called "clean energy" could earn a huge windfall by selling their unused credits while consumers of fossil fuel would pay dearly for the right to pollute.

Governor Rick Perry calls this 'cap and trade' proposal economically catastrophic for Texas.

"We know that the 'cap and trade' legislation that they are talking about will cost upwards of 300,000 [jobs] in this state," said Gov. Perry to FOX 26 News.

Bill White, Perry's Democratic opponent who has made millions of dollars in the oil patch, says he is also firmly against 'cap and trade.'

"'Cap and trade' would be an enormous windfall for the lawyers and consultants," said former Houston mayor White... "I was fighting against 'cap and trade' before Governor Perry," said White.

When I woke up today the first thing I saw-- even before White's e-mail-- was Fareed Zacharia interviewing Jeffrey Sachs, the man the NY Times has called "the most important economist in the World," first about how to solve the economic mess Bush left us with and then how to get a grip on climate change. The climate change interview included a global warming scientist and an oil industry shill from Cato spouting the same excuses for inaction you hear from everyone on Big Oil's payroll, from Rick Perry to... Bill White.

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