Friday, May 28, 2010

George Orwell's Ministry Of Truth Can't Hold A Candle to The Texas Board Of Ed-- Which Has Just Made Dolores Huerta An Unperson


As much as I feel that going Inside-the-Beltway is like crossing enemy lines into territory wholly owned by corporate special interests hell-bent on destroying the essence of my country, I occasionally venture to DC for a day or two at a time, being on the boards of a couple of public interest groups. And one of the things I do enjoy about those meetings is getting to know extraordinary men and women who I might otherwise never have had a chance to interact with. One of those women is Dolores Huerta, a cofounder of the United Farm Workers of America, the group for which I gave up eating grapes for my entire time in college.

In 1988, when she was 58 years old and already a national treasure, she was demonstrating peacefully against the platform of George H.W. Bush when she attacked and severely beaten, nearly to death by out of control San Francisco policemen who gave the 58 year old women several broken ribs and a ruptured spleen. This week another kind of violence was perpetrated against Dolores. People For The American Way alerted their community about it:
The Texas State Board of Education voted to adopt new curriculum standards, which uses the state’s education system to push a conservative political agenda.  Among the changes the board agreed to were resolutions adding the study of Right Wing movements to the curriculum, and pushing strongly conservative viewpoints on issues ranging from the United Nations to Social Security and Medicare benefits.
In a 6-9 vote, the Board rejected a proposal to restore labor and civil rights leader and People For the American Way board member Dolores Huerta to the elementary school curriculum. Huerta was previously taught as an example of good citizenship in third grade history classes, but was removed from the curriculum in January.
Michael B. Keegan, President of People For the American Way, issued the following statement:
“The Texas Board of Education’s decision to remove Dolores Huerta from the state’s curriculum standards, while adding divisive Right Wing figures such as Newt Gingrich and Phyllis Schlafly is an insult to the millions of Americans whose lives Huerta has improved, and detrimental to the education of children in Texas and throughout the United States.
“The state’s previous curriculum included Huerta because she has played an important role in our nation’s history.  Erasing her from the curriculum not only denigrates her work; it belittles the invaluable contributions of generations of minority activists. That’s unacceptable and a disservice to Texas students.
“Dolores Huerta is a hero for all Americans who value a fair and just society and she shouldn’t be removed from our history. In her decades of work as a labor organizer and civil rights leader, she has helped millions of workers gain a voice at the bargaining table in order to earn fair wages; she has worked to ensure that people of all races and ethnicities are treated equally under the law; and she has been a role model for women in leadership.
“The removal of an important figure like Dolores Huerta from the Social Studies curriculum is emblematic of the School Board’s decision to force politics into the classroom.”


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At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Bil said...

Shocking and sad.

I think I see Texas and Arizona as a place for the most hateful in the country, why not. But who's gonna change their diapers and wipe their asses when they get older?

The only thing worse in 2010 than having Newt Gingrich "replace" a "Delores Huerta" would be Phillis Schafly. Exclusion and hate, these old white dinosaurs who can no longer reproduce really deserve each other.


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