Thursday, December 03, 2009

Suzanne Kosmas Draws The Ultimate Fringe Lunatic As An Opponent


The man who could save Suzanne Kosmas' career?

Suzanne Kosmas' utter failure as a freshman representative has attracted a lot of unwanted attention-- from a whole slew of opponents. Everyone smells putrid, mortal weakness. Last week we talked a little about Florida Democratic Party activist and businessman Paul Partyka primarying her. Although Kosmas' coffers are brimming over with all the lobbyist loot she just spent the last 10 months scooping up-- she's raised close to a million dollars instead of working for her constituents-- the smartest political analyst I know from Florida told me that if Partyka can run a smart campaign and collect enough money to get his message out, he'll beat her in the primary. If not, she's likely to be defeated by a Republican. Unless... a teabagger gets in the way. And that could happen.

Ostensibly Kosmas will either face a far right GOP hack who got scared to run against Grayson, Sandy Adams, or Winter Park City Commissioner Karen Diebel, neither of whom would be a credible candidate if Kosmas wasn't such a complete disaster herself, a candidate sure to keep the Democratic base from coming to the polls. But her one chance for re-election is in the hands of the wackiest of the band of loons and malcontents who worked to get McCain elected last year, Larry Sinclair. Does that name sound familiar? Well, he is out of prison. And an author-- and candidate (Warning! Beware the most hideous music ever recorded if you hit that campaign page link.)

Anyway, Sinclair had his Warholian spotlight at Idiot America when he claimed that he "took drugs [and] had homo sex with Obama." Aside from failing his polygraph test, he's a convicted forger and thief-- and sports 13 aliases, including LA Rye Vizcarra Avila-- yes, he's openly gay-- and Mohammed Gahanan.
Sinclair has been convicted of larceny, theft, check forging and credit card fraud and has served over 16 years in prison in Florida and Colorado where he was disciplined 97 times for infractions including assault, threats, drug possession, intimidation, and verbal abuse.

If he manages to draw enough teabaggers away from the GOP nominee, Kosmas has a chance to slip back into office. Larry (or Mohammed or LA Rye):
I decided to enter the race for U.S. Congressman from Florida's 24th Congressional District after Suzanne Kosmas (D-FL24), a multi-millionaire said "my schedule does not permit me to hold Townhalls with voters...." but the very next week (Aug 19, 2009) Mrs. Kosmas had time to spend the day with donors paying $1000-to-$10,000 to her re-election coffers. In addition to Suzanne Kosmas' inability to lead, I have become determined to get involved after seeing first hand the efforts of Barack Obama and his administration to destroy anyone who dares speak the truth.

I have personal experience with a government-run healthcare program ( Medicaid) denying medical procedures ordered by doctors for years now which Medicaid continues to this day to deny.  I deal with a wonderful Primary care Physician who tells me that Medicaid tells him not to refer or order certain medical procedures for his patients but instead just tell them you need to monitor it for a few months.

I can represent the people of Florida's 24th Congressional District  because I go through the exact same day to day challenges that most FL 24 residents go through. 

Suzanne Kosmas is a career politician who has stated she does not support term limits. In fact Rep. Kosmas ran for her current office because she was forced out of the Florida House by Term Limits.

Good luck to everyone in the twenty-fourth CD. Remember the good old Tom Feeney/Jack Abramoff days?

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