Friday, June 12, 2009

My Three Partners At Blue America


John Amato is weighing the idea of taking on war hawk and Bush co-conspirator Jane Harman in his southwest L.A. congressional district. He's fuming about Harman's role in pushing continued fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Unlike Jane Harman," said Amato, "I would have voted against the war supplemental budget on May 14. Until President Obama comes up with a plan to extricate the U.S. from Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I would not vote to spend any money on anything other than bringing our troops home safely and promptly. I opposed these wars under Bush and I still oppose them. Adding the $108 billion for bailing out irresponsible European bankers who made ill-advised and overly risky bets, has made this legislation far more objectionable. That money would be enough to solve all the problems Schwarzenegger has caused since he took office here in California. If Rahm Emanuel is so dead set on a bail out, let him bail out the Golden State."

Digby, who has been consumed all week writing the new Harry and Louise television scripts for Montana and Arkansas ad campaigns, hasn't let up on her never-ending crusade to end the unjustifiable wars in the Middle East. She pointed out today that the mainstream media has completely ignored the story about how Emanuel can't bribe and beat up enough Democrats to get them to sign on to his Frankenstein suicide pact (AKA- the war supplemental-cum-European bank bailout bill):
I assume the mainstream media believes the administration will ultimately get its way and pass the supplemental with the IMF money attached. But it's just possible that it won't. And the Democrats who stand in the way will be doing the party a great favor politically. These continued giveaways to wealthy, elite institutions are political poison, which is why the Republicans are positioning themselves (completely disingenuously) on the other side of the big money boyz.

And Jane Hamsher has been organizing a Netroots response to Emanuel's jihad to the point where I'm starting to fear for her health. Although she looks damn good in this video Brave New Films shot of her today, doesn't she?

And, my friends, that, plus myself, is the board of Blue America. Our PAC is going to need some help supporting progressive stalwarts like Donna Edwards and Alan Grayson who aren't succumbing to Emanuel's demands and for Digby's brilliant TV campaign-- although if you like the idea of killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan and you agree with the Republicans that Americans don't need universal health care, you should probably not donate.

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