Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days Of Fair And Balanced?


Despite the most vicious and persistent attacks on a newly elected president since the South reacted to the election of Abraham Lincoln, every poll shows that Americans approve of President Obama more and more each day. Only 21% of Americans call themselves Republicans now and they are mostly concentrated in the same backwards parts of the country that reacted so violently against President Lincoln! Today Diageo/Hotline released a poll that shows very clearly that Obama is popular, that he's doing a good job and that the overwhelming majority of Americans feel he's living up to expectations. Last week Pew Research showed that most Americans feel that Fox isn't being fair to Obama. On the other hand, most Americans now see right through Fox as a propaganda tool for the GOP and other right-wing interests.

In case you don't expose yourself to far right extremist propaganda, you can catch up here at a look back at 100 days of "Fair and Balanced":



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