Friday, December 19, 2008

As you've probably heard, Sean Hannity went up against reality again, and once again suffered a first-round KO. Really, it can't be easy being Sean


It's official: There's somebody nuttier than Brent Bozell!

"Shocker: The president-elect is crowned Time magazine's Person of the Year; this after Time magazine's D.C. bureau chief accepts a job in the Obama White House. Ah, I'm sure it's a coincidence."
-- the unspeakable Sean Hannity (yes, out loud! on the air!)

by Ken

If you haven't already heard the story (it earned him yet another in an impressive collection of Worst Person in the World awards from Keith Olbermann last night), here's Media Matters' account.

As if that sniveling suckup Jay Carney, the Time Washington bureau chief tapped by VP-elect Joe Biden to be his communications director (I guess that's "a job in the Obama White House," sort of, but isn't that kind of a stretch? I mean, it's not a job working for, you know, Obama), wasn't already a junior member of the Village Boys' Treehouse Club. But no! To argue logically suggests we should take any of this demented fantasy seriously. Really now, is there anybody in the entire world who doesn't understand the selection of Barack Obama as Time's Man of the Year? Apart from the unspeakable Sean, that is.

Fox News' Kirsten Powers tried to bring our boy back into earth's atmosphere: "There's no connection between Jay Carney -- I mean, you don't think he would have been the Man of the Year anyway?" Finally it took Brent Bozell -- yes, wingnut arch-loon Brent Bozell! -- to point out: “I think Time magazine can defend naming him the Man of the Year. They normally name the winner of a presidential election campaign the Man of the Year.”

But you know all of that. Believe it or not, I'm here to defend our Sean. It can't be easy being him. The mere mention of your name sets sensible people to frothing over whether you're the dumbest creature on two legs or a vicious psychopath in need of immediate straitjacketing (and possibly a few thousand volts of therapy) -- or maybe just a gutless bullyboy who'd wet your panties if you had to meet one of the people you lie about face to face.

Think of the burden it must be, day after day, to keep it up: go on the air making up stuff even more cretinous and more insane, not to mention personally scummier, than the bullshit you spewed the day before. But then, isn't that why Fox News pays him the big bucks?

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At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Bil said...

EXCELLENT job KenI of defending Sean!

At 5:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sean Hannity is to TV news what shit is to a fucking colostomy bag and I'll just leave it at that before I say anything rude or offensive.

Chico Brisbane


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